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Are you watching anything obscene?If yes, Then why should stop now !!?

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8 months ago

We understand many drugs to mean harmful addictions but people have some addictions that can be more dangerous and dangerous than drugs.Such as addiction to pornography.

Pornography addiction has become a terrifying force in our society.

I wrote an article earlier about this pornography addiction. Now I am writing again. Because I had a very bad experience recently, which turned my mind upside down. The family of a very close friend of mine is breaking up because of this pornography. I'm shocked, I'm surprised.

Trying to find out a lot of information about this pornography. I am presenting that information today in my article.

The first thing I want to start with is that no one can help you to break free from pornography addiction, unless you help yourself. Pornography addiction does not comply with any age limit.People of any age can be addicted to it.It is now seen that children from the age of 15 years or less are becoming addicted to it. The same thing is happening to people 50 years of age or older.According to many physical experts, there are many who have experienced a sexual relationship in life.But they have been watching pornography for two or three years and as a result, their current marital life is in no way satisfied.

What is the role of pornography in this:

Why are we addicted to watching pornography? Because, when a boy first sees pornography out of temptation of friends or out of his own curiosity, he thinks he should see it once; Once you see what will happen! No one is looking at me and he sees. From this love, when he watches pornography, dopamine chemical aggent is released from his brain. It is a very powerful chemical in the human body. Powerful is because it gives pleasure to your brain as well as builds your impulsivity. When you are alone or you don't feel good for some reason, you can't control yourself anymore and you look at pornography one more time.

And so when you continue to watch pornography it becomes your habit and you swallow your dopamine. If there is a question, is it interfering with my sex life in any way? But the answer is yes, in most cases it disrupts your sex life.

When you watch pornography you have to keep in mind who you are watching pornography behind the scenes, how real it is, they are not ordinary people. They are all acting. They're actors. The things you see in pornography aren't real in most cases. In most cases they don't match reality.

As you can see in the list above, whenever you want to go into a sexual relationship, you need a sexual stimulation that can be seen or touched. Especially in the case of pornography, you get a visual stimulation. You see some exciting things in the eyes. Your body begins to respond when you see these things. Which is called the excitement phase (first stage of the movie).

Boys or girls who are not very vulgar at first start watching pornography. Whatever happens next, the X rate is increasing from a picture to 3x.The satisfaction you get from watching pornography in the first place is no longer there.And you may feel that you don't feel satisfied as much as you used to feel sexual arousal at first. Then you have to see some more vulgar. . And when you see that volgar, you become addicted to it again and even then you realize that you are not getting satisfaction. And not feeling sexually excited. You will need more and thus you get to a point where when you come back to reality it is difficult for a girl or a boy to meet that need, for your partner or to feel that excited.

In many cases, those who view pornography for several years do not have the stability of a relationship. Satisfaction is never done with a partner. Because then I expected more than that working in my head. I wanted something more interesting than that. I don't get the way I know, the way I see. We need to stop at this point. We need to understand that pornography is a sort of drama, an awkward drama and it always takes me away from a normal relationship.

Think about it, when you are addicted to pornography, your partner's mental state is disturbed at any stage. They think I do not have? Am I bad looking? Am I not as beautiful as before? Or am I physically disabled? Can't I physically satisfy my partner?

You can't satisfy your partner because your partner has an unrealistic horrible expectation of sex in his mind.

Pornography can be overcome. To get out of pornography addiction you first need to be aware of yourself. When we talk about pornography, we either look at it from the perspective of social values ​​or try to look at it from a religious point of view. Because whatever it is, a large part of those who watch pornography, especially in a place like Bangladesh where we grew up in a conservative environment, grew up in a religious discipline, these people have a strong sense of guilt, they live day after day with this guilt.

They don't even understand that it is an addiction. How to get out of here. Since it is an addiction, many times it can not be lost with the power of will. So those of you who are suffering from pornography addiction, just get out of guilt once. We respect your guilt. But at the same time I want to tell you, this guilt should not be an obstacle in the way of your treatment. Because just as it takes your willpower to get out of your addiction to pornography, it will be much easier to get out of this addiction when you get proper guidance from a professional expert.

You will come out of pornography addiction because you want a healthy normal sex life and your partner wants shelter from you.And surely the two of you together can make your life much better.

Lastly, if you want to get out of pornography addiction, you have to make your own decision and the only one who can help you is you.

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Written by   124
8 months ago
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"obscene" & "addiction" are relative terms (and not for me - or others imo to judge), but interesting read 🤓

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5 months ago