Two of the Different Sides of Users

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2 years ago

The world is vast, and so are the possibilities. The universe conspires and brought us here. First, intending to earn apparently and become aware of the bitcoin cash, they talked about and then helped spread awareness about it. Second, just to earn money. These are only two sides of the various kinds of users who have found themselves using this platform. More users have different aims and traits, but let us focus on these two.

Some seemed to become successful here, and some seemed to still figure out how it worked for them to earn free money. 

Hmm, let's try to search

There are about 1,810,000,000 results (0.40 seconds)!

On the description, it says: is a platform where you can publish content (articles with images and videos) and earn Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency (ticker: BCH) for doing so. If a reader likes your content - he or she can upvote your post by sending some amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to your online wallet.

Suppose you are someone who's really looking for some ways to earn money while at home. You may immediately consider signing up for the platform. After the sign-up process, you have finally created an account.

While browsing, you may see a few amounts of dollars given to many articles. You might probably be amazed. This is it, you may think.

Now you have decided to start your journey. Since you are reading it, you might have started writing articles, I guess. Then, you have received a tip. You become happy and motivated to do more. Things may seem to work in the right way to you. But then, you may realize that it looks like it is not only your primary purpose while you continue using the site.

You might have found yourself loving the platform already. You have passed the biggest test of continuously using the platform aside from your receiving monetary value. You might have joined the other users in spreading BCH awareness as one way to thank the community for this platform. And from there, you may consider yourself belong to the first one or those with the intention of earning at first, but at the same time, to become aware of the bitcoin cash they were talking about and then help spread awareness about it.

Here is a short poem for the first one. (First Person Point of View)

Wandering in the world of the internet
I found myself looking for something.
Looking for some ways to earn and you might have done the same thing, I bet.
Then I found it, and hope what it may bring.

The first week is a rollercoaster ride.
When the first few dollars arrive
This is it, I thought.
It immediately changed my mood.

Days, weeks, and even months have passed.
I am still here; my account did not rust.
Not just with the intention of earning
But to also help spread awareness about it, and other things.

On the other hand, the second type of users we are talking about here are those who are just here to earn money. But why many of these users failed?

First, writing is not really their passion.

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In their mind, they want to earn, but they are having a hard time constructing an article. For the first few days, they may be able to publish some. But since it is not their passion, they might end up quitting.

Second, they quickly get demotivated and jealous.

Some users failed in this platform because of these things. They easily get demotivated once they find their articles are not receiving tips, while others receive small to huge ones. What's even worse is that they downvote articles without a justifiable reason intentionally. Correct me if I am wrong.

Third, they failed to have patience.

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Know that just because you have published a post does not mean you will immediately receive a tip. Know that some things determine how much you receive, such as if your article's reading time is less than three minutes or about 600 words, you will get about ten times smaller tips from the bot than those who write longer ones.

According to the bot, it normally will only tip articles and short posts for up to three days after publication, but sometimes it will also tip some older exciting articles.

Here is a short poem for the second one. (Second Person Point of View)

Wandering in the world of the internet
He found himself looking for something.
Looking for some ways to earn, he bet.
Then he found it and hope what it may bring.

He browses the platform and saw some tips.
He gets interested, and he did not think twice about it.
He made an article, then clicked publish
He waits for a moment, but he hasn't received a tip, then leaves.

The second poem is just an observation. If you think it is not appropriate, let me know so that I may remove it, if possible.

Again, these are just two of the different types of users you may find in this platform. It is based on my observation and from comments of random users, which I have read here and in Should you have comments regarding this article, feel free to write it down. Thanks for the read!

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2 years ago


Indeed. :)

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2 years ago

Thanks for reading!

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2 years ago

Whether or not we can, it all depends on the dreams that we have written in this year's target book.

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2 years ago

Indeed, my friend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

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2 years ago

See how you earned here in just 3 weeks? This platform is really amazing. A person who dont seem to have interest in writing will start creating article because of money. I dont want to be hypocrit, it's obvious that we recieved money in the form of BCH for evey post small amount or not.

This could be a solution to some of our financial needs. Great write up. 👍🙂

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2 years ago

That's the fruit of my labor. Writing is one of my hobbies and I think that is one of the reasons why I enjoy writing and interacting here at the same time. You are new here, right? I hope this article have helped you. Thanks for your valuable comment!

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2 years ago