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The time to change has come and I am stepping out as CEO of

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6 months ago

Without any doubt, working alongside Roger, the team at and the BCH community has been one of the most invigorating times in my career. I have loved working with an equally committed team of “evolutionaries”. is competing against FinTech companies, e.g. Square, Stripe, etc, to acquire new users.

The differentiator is the fact BCH and SLP offer “programmable money”, money with options or, even simpler, modern money for the masses. And getting distribution before incumbents get blockchain is paramount.

Bitcoin Cash is the dominant platform for payments and must own this category.

I want to highlight some of the key things we achieved and the value it brought in the past year;

  • Partnership with HTC

  • Launched the exchange with some 30+ BCH pairings and SLP support

  • Token listings from $GOC $SPICE $UPT $AVA $ACD $SAI $HONK and others

  • Investment in GoCrypto, an electrifying, driven team joining the BCH community

  • Acquisition of 03 Technology with great engineering talent joining the wallet team

  • Growing the wallet adoption from 2M to 11M

  • Launched the new mobile wallet app

  • Partnerships with MyCred, Moonpay, Travala, Sideshift, Ternio, and others

  • Launching Steam items and Steam credits on

  • Launch of the new brand and website

  • 20+% mom traffic growth to

  • Growing the global BCH community from 5000 and 19,000+ members across 80+ cities

And this isn’t even all of it — don’t forget the pipeline too!

Given these roller-coaster times we are in, Roger is looking at a leaner, more guerilla, team. It is no surprise to those who know me that my passion and skills are in growth through deal-making and partnerships with more established brands, companies, and institutions so the planets aren’t aligning right now.

The last year-plus with Roger and the team at has been amazing. The team at really stepped up to pursue the mission we set out. You all know who you are! I cannot emphasize enough how privileged I am to have worked alongside you day and night, 24/7. Your commitment and focus to the cause were relentless. “Crypto never sleeps!”

I have been in bitcoin since 2013 and that won’t change. I will continue to stay engaged in the ecosystem and work to grow distribution for supply and demand for BCH and SLP. But I have to admit to enjoying the change in pace from 200% 20 hours 6 days a week, to “sheltering at home with my family” — they might disagree ;).

I have a number of other projects that I am involved in and have received some very interesting offers but I am in an unusual situation of being able to take a step back and look at a world under extraordinary disruption. Is this the time to bring together my key passions of bitcoin, health, fitness and even a new social order? Watch this space!

Our paths will cross again! What a blast — a ride no one can ever take away!


“You can’t beat the experience”

Jimi Hendrix

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Written by   15
6 months ago
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Great work, Stefan! Good luck!

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6 months ago

Great to have met you. You'll be missed for sure at the London BCH meetups

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6 months ago

Thanks Stefan for leading for that year, me was very impressed by the goals achieved and strategy implemented

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6 months ago

Its great that you are still passionate about BCH even after leaving

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6 months ago

It was great working with you, Stefan. There will always be a place for you with the Permissionless Software Foundation if you'd like to be an adviser. I think the world needs leadership and BCH more than ever. Let's keep up the momentum!

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6 months ago

Good luck with your future endeavors Stefan, I hope you stay with us in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

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6 months ago

Tumultuous times, but great thanks for all the hard work on Bitcoin Cash so far and the successes you achieved.

Looking forward to what you're working on next!

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6 months ago

Nice! The future is bright.

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6 months ago

Good article. I am unlucky to be late in this Community

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3 months ago