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A "See You Later", not a "Goodbye"

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5 months ago

Good day to my fellow writers and beloved readers at This isn't one of my usual ramblings or random musings, but closer to a situation update so people are aware of what's causing my inactiveness in recent days and in the upcoming days or weeks.

If you noticed, I haven't been posting or visiting any articles for the past three days. This is because another unfortunate event has occurred to me. I was bedridden for the past two days because of a very high fever and headache, and since yesterday I have had trouble eating, drinking, and even talking. It seems like I've got a sore throat and a really bad one at that.

While it might not hinder me from writing, I can't seem to focus and stare at a screen for too long else the headache will recur. For this, I ask for your understanding as I will be taking a break from for the time being and unfortunately, I can't say for sure when I will be back.

That said, I truly want to thank everyone that has been really supportive of my works for the past few weeks that I come back here, especially for the sponsors and active readers.

I do hope that I will be back soon, stronger and healthier than ever. But for now, things aren't really going well. So for that, I think this is a good time to post a "leave notice" rather than just going missing like the last time. As I said in the title, this will be a "see you later", not a "goodbye".

As a closing statement, good luck to everyone fighting their own battles and challenges in life. It's never easy and sometimes you might feel like giving up, but do remember this: difficult roads often leads to a beautiful destination.

Also, don't forget to stay happy and be healthy!

Yours truly, Sponked.

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Hey, I hope you are better now. It's really tough getting sick these days.

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3 months ago

I know how you feel sis, I did some hiatus too. Please get back when you are a lot better!

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5 months ago

Everyone is having fever and headache at this time. Take care of yourself and get checked by a doctor. Be safe dear.

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5 months ago

Take care of yourself, get tested for covid, those symptoms seem to be related. Hope to hear from you again in a healthy way. God bless you in health and well being

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5 months ago