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Today, A hot and A Top trend on reddit:Binnance has run out of BCH

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1 month ago
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As I got up early in the morning. I opened my mobile to read the post and discussion on Telegram. I found some interesting facts discussed in BenSwap TG room. One person named as @Kain_niaK was discussing about Binnance recent threatening activity for me and many BCH supporters and users. I am lucky I found him here also and appreciated his effort for BCH. I didn't know why sometime social media and sometime exchange platforms target BCH in bad way. On one side if I talk about BCH growing projects then sBCH Community is spreading its wings from China to end of West. I involved in discussion and decided to verify the real news what have happened on Binnance with regard to BCH. Following results I got at the end.

Binnance suspended BCH for a week

I am good Binnance user and got hurt from this news. On one side you talk about one of the biggest exchange platform and on other side you ruled out one big Crypto having millions of fans. I commented on their official account Why they took this step on real bases?. But still I am waiting for their response if happened. I am not biased to BCH. But it is reality Binnance broke the heart of many BCH users. Might be some sort of censorship from BTC maxalmism. Anything can be supposed regarding this issue. I know Binnance is competitor of BCH but it can't treat the real Crypto in ruthless way. If Binnance really want to grow then it must remove this step and apologize to BCH community.

My Reddit activity

When I found the oxygen supply of BCH is cut off from the Binnance. I also participated in the good activity of Kain and clicked the link of reddit he shared. I commented in the professional way by showing power of BCH fans. In no time his post was top trend on r/Cryptocurrency community. It was good news for me and has soothing effect. I hope it will be top trend in many other communities on reddit.

My remarks on Reddit

What we can do to realize Binnance about power of BCH fans?

We should take following steps to make Binnance community what shit they have done regarding BCH?. Being active user on many social Media I recommended following things to you.

  • Firts of all, upvote and support activity of Kain on reddit. Here is picture of his post and link you can visit it at once.

Link for upvote in support of BCH(
  • We should follow same trend on Twitter by mentioning all Binnance official accounts. In this way, we can gather BCH fan on one page.

  • We should email Binnance team to recover BCH from suspension. In this way, they can get maximum response from BCH fans.

My Suggestion to Binnance Community

First of all, I request them to remove suspension Of BCH as soon as possible. Second, they should create and support sBCH projects on their platform. It is the best way to apologize with broken heart of BCH fans. If they didn't do that they shall lose their fans and users. I hope they will take my words on serious note.

It is reall time to support real bitcoin. I request all BCH users must take action against this. In this regard I appreciate and which are able to generate real user and good content creator who can take action and participate everything in support of BCH.

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Written by   2
1 month ago
Topics: BCH, Bitcoincash, Binnance, Trend, Reddit, ...
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