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2 weeks ago

Hey guys,

Some of you probably run Doom on a DX 33 or something like that when the game was released. DOOM! A revolution in the video games world at that time! & Lot of fun!

I remember running the demo before buying the game after a PC upgrade. Because I wasn't able to play the game with sound.. not enough ressources. It was so impressive. I was hungry with a demo without sound, so I bought a brand new PC able to run games. Able to run Doom! :0))

(Interlude: Did you check this one about Steve Wozniak?)

A couple of months ago, I read Masters of Doom by David Kushner (Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture) and I was literally stuck, from start to finish. A fascinating book. If you like these stories about devs and history, culture, I highly recommend you to read it. John Carmack and John Romero are video games Legends!

Well, idea of genius or stupid impulse, I created the MarbleCard today, from GoodReads. In fact I was to create a new one from my discography.

Yep, kind of geek. Don't ask me why. But a hot one, anyway! So like the previous ones, I probably couldn't sell it, haha. But is it important?!

We will say that it was a small moment of culture. :0) A fantastic week to everyone.

We need some scary music for it: On The Run, A cinematic composition written for Halloween 2018. A challenge.

Edit: to check if Soundcloud is working again.

See you.. Space Rockers!

Much Love! :0)
Thank you very much for your support.

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2 weeks ago
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And in 2020 i am just sitting in the front of monitor, trying to optimize my software renderer to run properly on late 486 and pentium1.

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2 weeks ago

Going to check out this book. Thanks for the recommendation =)

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2 weeks ago

Hey man!

Thank you very much. :0) Yes, It's a really good one. Lots of anecdotes and "behind the scene". A great book!

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2 weeks ago
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