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Another day with Bitcoin Cash...

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3 months ago

Another night of much thinking and little sleep, another day to try to communicate with people from the other side of the world who are awake while those who are close to me are sleeping...

Another day to row against the current but even if it hurts, I have the conviction that my log is freedom for everyone and pain reminds me that this path will not be easy...

Another day to help many people learn, listen and feel Bitcoin Cash in different ways...

Another day to read the ideas and thoughts of the people you admire and learn the perspectives of others...

Another day to learn some words in another language that allows you to communicate what you feel and share it with many people around the world...

Another day to listen to the problems of those who try to help you build a path where everyone can walk without censorship or conditions...

Another day to try to get closer to the people you admire and send them a message with the hope that one day they will see it or respond to you...

Another day to understand that not all equal but still we can respect each other...

Another day to offer opportunities to those who do not have it and change their lives, because we all deserve an opportunity...

Another day to teach someone how easy it is to use Bitcoin Cash and regardless of your language or social class...

Another day to show the smiles of those who walk behind the shadows...

Another day to help make visible the people that society does not want to see...

Another day to make Bitcoin Cash for EVERYONE...

Another day of ups and downs to be thankful that I can still help...

Another day to spread Bitcoin Cash to those who do not have or know how to receive Bitcoin Cash!

Another day to transform the idea that the hungry see Jesus in the form of bread and now they can also see him in the form of Bitcoin Cash!

Another day to understand that there is no way to live more expensive than poverty and even if I do not have a definitive solution for them, I can help them to keep hope and smile!

Another day to change someone's life and give a Christmas to the one who only dreamed of having it...

Another day to remind you that you are not alone no matter where you are!

"Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor" - James Baldwin

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Written by   647
3 months ago
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3 months ago

Wow! keep it up :)

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3 months ago

What if you're here at the Philippines? it has so much funnnnn. I see the smiles in their eyes. Thanks BCH

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3 months ago

This is what BCH is bulding in real life... Thanks for your precious efforts ^^

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3 months ago

Another day to give hope and enjoyment to the children😊😊!

Happy to see this child smiling with the BCH gift they received. Thank you for making children happy😍😍!

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3 months ago