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Best places in the desert of Algeria

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2 years ago

The tourist desert of Algeria is part of the Sahara Desert, which is located in north-central Africa, occupies more than four-fifths of the Algerian territory, and includes many places of tourism in Algeria that are worth visiting.

The desert starts from the Atlas desert mountain range, where the colored rocks are, until the desert of sand dunes, and in the southeastern parts lies the Tassili Nagar mountain range, which is the subject of great archaeological interest, and was classified on the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

The best places in the tourist desert of Algeria

Tourism in the Algerian desert is characterized by a unique diversity, starting from monuments dating back to different ancient times, to sand dunes and natural oases, some of which we will talk about in our report.

Tassili Nagar mountain range

The Tassili Nagar mountain range is located in the southeast of Algeria, and it is a national park and reserve, and one of the most famous and visited tourist places of the Algerian desert.

The beauty of this series is highlighted by its steep rocky mountains, and it includes one of the most important collections of cave art that dates back to the prehistoric period.

The mountains cover an area of ​​more than 72,000 square kilometers, and they were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1982.

Timimoun town

Timimoun is a town located in the state of Adrar. It was built in a desert oasis that bears its name, and is distinguished by its crimson gate, and its buildings built of red mud and dirt.

The town includes many beautiful red mud palaces, as well as the salty sabkha lake, and the Tadimite plateau in its southeastern part.

Timimoun is one of the important places of tourism in the Algerian desert, especially in the winter season, which increases the splendor of the colors of its buildings.

Taghit town

Taghit is located in the Zouzfaneh Valley, which supplies it with the waters of its interrupted river from under the ground, and runs alongside the second largest sand dune race, and includes the Tagit Palace, which was built in the 11th century AD.

Taghit is described as the jewel of the tourist desert of Algeria, which is characterized by the beauty of palm-fringed oases, towering sand dunes, and an unrivaled expansive natural diversity.

The town, with its sand dunes and wonderful nature, is an ideal place for lovers of desert safaris, climbing sand dunes and rocky mountains.

M'zab Valley

The M'zab Valley is an area with an amazing geography, located in the state of Ghardaia, and covers about 8,000 square kilometers of the northern Algerian desert.

The valley includes a limestone plateau 800 meters above sea level, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The plateau includes a range of traditional human habitats, and strange desert fort cities to the point of surrealism, some of which date back to the tenth century.

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Written by   32
2 years ago
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This text that you wrote is really valuable, and the pictures leave you breathless. The biggest impression on me was left by the Tassili Nagar Mountain Range. Kudos to this article. Greeting

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2 years ago

thanks for sharing!

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2 years ago

Such a beautiful places and good written article.
Among them, i want to visit M'zab valley. It's densely population in a middle of desert. It's quite amaizing. Thank you dear for sharing with us

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2 years ago