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Part 2. Thing you are obsessed with?

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9 months ago

Hello guys, welcome back to my get-to-know-me part two of question and answer. Random questions are from this site.

Let's begin,

What would you want your 
last meal to be if you 
were on death row?

I can say anything and everything but I can't finish them all because I have a small stomach. I would just request my favorite noodle soup. Jjamppong or seafood laksa or tom yum (make it extra spicy please, haha ), all flavors of buffalo wings, bittersweet moist chocolate cake, and iced tea. If that was my last meal, I will die happy. The one who will punish me will wonder why I die with a smile. Haha

If you could learn the answer 
to one question about your future,
what would the question be?

One question only? Haha, I want more but if that's the case then I will grab it and ask this. " What date will I die?" For me to be ready and them. I mean, I'm not scared to die but knowing that my loved ones will be grieving and I am the reason for their pain makes me want to prepare them beforehand.

What do you bring with you
everywhere you go?

A liptint because for some reason my skin color is very pale and my lips as well. I don't like wearing lipsticks because it may seem so unnatural and its heavy on the lips. Naks! Beauty blog? Yeah self, your turning into a lady already. What an achievement Shyryl!😂

What do you get every time you 
go grocery shopping?

Toiletries and house essentials like dishwashing liquids, laundry powder, soaps, toothpaste. Kitchen replenishments like soysauce, vinegar, oil, sugar, eggs etc. Since I do the budgeting, cooking and other stuffs as house organization like a mom should be doing, yeah that's what I do and usually get when shopping.

What do you do when you're bored?

I watch some old movies or latest kdrama or sometimes I just like to watch "It's Showtime" recaps in youtube. I will just laugh and laugh since hosts there are very impromptu and funny especially the VVAJ team(haha I just invented that group name which refers to Vice, Vhong, Anne, Jhong- all are it's showtime hosts in the Philippines)

What weird or useless talent do
 you have?

I don't think I have weird talent. Maybe useless and unhealthy talent which is being able not to sleep for over 96hours. Zero hours of sleep for that span makes me feel dizzy the next day. That's how long my awareness lasts, I have sleep disorder and I just seldom sleep soundly( maybe 1 night a week only) because I am a light sleeper, very sensitive to noise and has restless legs at night.

What is something you are 
obsessed with?

I am obsessed with knowing what cure can I be applying to Lazy's fur condition.

As of tonight, after lazy fell asleep. I applied an antibacterial/ antifungal ointment in the affected areas after I cleaned it with some soaked cotton in warm water.I wish it will heal her.

What do you do in your spare time?

Same as what I do when I'm bored. Haha But sometimes I prefer to use my time being productive as writing my content here and studying some related topics in my course.

Have you ever given
a presentation in front of 
a large group of people?
How did it go?

Been so long now, its reporting some accomplishment of a project from my previous work. It went well although it was just a short notice. Facing fears as talking in front of a crowd and focusing in the goal makes the preparations and presentation worth it.

What was the last funny video
you saw?

It's showtime recap where it is one of the hosts birthday(Vice Ganda) and celebrity gay guests, which happened to be the celebrants friend) were there as contestants wearing sexy outfits. It just made me smile to see such friendship and funny dialogues.

What's your favorite way to
 waste time?

Watching Kdramas and Hollywood vampire series.

Who is your favorite entertainer
(comedian, musician, actor, etc.)?

I have favorites in comedy. From Rene Requiestas and Babalu to Jobert and Empoy.

I like their humors and even their personalities.

Which emerging technology are
 you most excited about it?

Laptops. As it emerges, I am hoping that prices will drop for some models so that many people can afford them. Nowadays, gadgets and the internet are a must-have.

What food looks disgusting 
but tastes delicious?

Jajangmyeon. It's black color noodles make me imagine it like some worms from the soil. I don't like worms or any animals that crawls. Believe me that's how I saw it and it took me so long to convince myself that it's not what I was thinking. It's not exotic.

I like jajangmyeon, from time to time I crave its flavor. It's just I have impressions and overthinking mind.

. . . . . . . . .to be continued. . . . . . . . . . .

I have mentioned in my last article that I will devide it into two articles but I guess I have to make another extended one. Maybe I have saved so much topics or questions to be answered that is long enough to cut. Hehe Done with the writing, good night beautiful people.

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Written by   52
9 months ago
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The grocery shopping list - same :)

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9 months ago

Haha welcome to adulting🤣 where prioritization matters

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9 months ago

Yong ibang questions medyo natakot ako,lalo pag death,hehe pero gusto ko yong sagot mo diyan.

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9 months ago

Haha tapos un pa po ung unang question no? Haha thanks po

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9 months ago

di ko pa na try magsagot ng ganitong prompt. hehe

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9 months ago

Heheh try mo po:)

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9 months ago