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PART 1. "Who would you call for one-hour convo"?

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9 months ago

Tonight I will be writing about random stuff from a topic generator because my brain isn't cooperating and I don't have any reserved articles already. Pardon my writing skills, they are just officially 16days old today in Excluding my inactivity for the past year and one month.

This article is another question and answer portion, I'm practicing my answering skills for my upcoming miss Universe Philippines screening Haha char! Just kidding.

Anyways, before I lost track of what I am writing and am talkative with anything, let's start answering.

What is your favorite 
movie soundtrack?

I'll never go by Erik Santos. It is from the Filipino movie "One More Chance". I love director Cathy Molina's movies here in the Philippines, no matter how sad the story may get, there is this realistic humanity and heart in her works that makes me watch them over and over. Haha yep, I love tearjerker romantic movies and romantic comedy movies. I also like the Bea-John Lloyd tandem too but whenever I remember that movie, I remember how irritated I get with Maja Salvador's character. I just learned the three-month rule in this movie haha. I know a lot of fellow Filipinos here know this movie and the soundtrack.

What is one thing you miss
about being a kid?

Playing in general. My playtime includes running most of the time, playing kite, cooking, building a house from coconut or banana leaves, climbing, fishing, biking, etc. Those times when you were careless and just enjoying the moment of being a kid.

What do you do to improve 
your mood when you are 
in a bad mood?

Inhale, exhale, drink water sometimes eat my favorite ice cream or cake, sometimes I write down my frustrations and it helped to calm myself down. Writing is like I'm releasing the bad energy as if I'm talking to a friend. Pen and paper are my companions, sometimes this phone too.

If you opened a restaurant,
what kind of food would you serve?

Bicol Region's best! Dishes like Bicol express, pinangat(taro leaves with stuffings in coconut milk), kinunot(malunggay/ moringa leaves with fish fillet in coconut milk), binut-ong( glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk too), Baluko recipes(a kind of seashell), Pili nuts recipes from Sorsogon.

What's the most refreshing
thing on a hot summer day?

Nothing more intense than swimming, although I can't really swim. Haha I like to submerge my body in water for a hot summer day. Sometimes cold treats are not helping especially with the weather here in the Philippines so I will always prefer being in the water for so long.

If you could call up anyone
in the world and have 
a one-hour conversation,
who would you call?

The question is not specific so maybe I can call or talk to the dead? Haha

If I will be given the chance to have an hour of the call, I want to call my father. I have a lot of stories to share as an adult, an acting mom to my siblings, in my lovelife, career, etc. One hour isn't enough though but I will always be thankful to have the chance to hear his voice again.

Where and when was the
 most amazing sunset
 you have ever seen?

In Antipolo Rizal cloud9 and also in Highlands Legazpi City. Both are high areas located here in the Philippines, I mean those specific places that I have mentioned are both elevated land so you can savor the beautiful view of the city while creating the most perfect shot of the sunset. When have I seen it? I don't remember anymore when did we go there but I can still remember how beautiful it is to witness the beautiful art.

What was your first smartphone?
How did you feel when you got it?

Samsung J2 (if I'm not mistaken, what does smartphone means? Haha). It feels amazing to finally hold your phone after months of saving money to get that goal. I remember how I was the only one using a keypad phone in our office back then. I wasn't ashamed of using it, it's just that needed a smartphone so badly for my work. I needed a nice camera for documenting some papers and site accomplishments so I bought a phone.

What was the last song
 did you listen to?

Hmm, let me check first. It says that my memory card was unmounted haha so I checked my youtube application and took me a while to see one. Haha, the last song I played using my phone was " Who Says" by Selena Gomez. You can watch it below.

But the super-duper latest song that I heard and sing-along was "I'll never go" by Erik Santos. Funny how I write about it in the question favorite soundtrack a while ago and it was played on the radio where I was listening to.

What song always puts you
 in a good mood?

Sige sumayaw ka by Gloc 9.

It just makes me groove haha. Also the Señorita song.

What is the most comfortable
 piece of clothing you own?

Loss T-shirt and shorts, when going out I will just replace the shorts with some ripped jeans. Haha, that's how I am when going out, I never care about what other people will say or what comments I will get along the way. I just love to be me.

[Photograph is from Unsplash]

. . . . . . . . . . to be continued. . . . . . . . . . .

I'm sleepy already guys so I must grab the opportunity to sleep now before I end up not sleeping the whole night again. It's already 1:45 am, I was supposedly done by 12midnight, I guess that's how slow I am in writing but I will still write. I wanted to improve of course even if late nights are my only time to write.. I decided to divide the answering into two articles. I hope you like the questions, if you do, you can select random topics to write on too.

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Written by   52
9 months ago
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I would love to try those Bicol dishes :D I can't remember what my first smartphone was lol!

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9 months ago

Haha I only had 2 phones, one is still functioning until now so I don't have to replace it

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9 months ago

I'm sure one hour is not enough to tell all those things to your father. He would be so happy to listen to you. If we could only talk to them :(

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Haha yeah like a normal conversation not my usual talking to him everyday without a response. Haha I woudn't be scared if he talks to me now hahaha

$ 0.00
9 months ago