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Things That I Want To Try For The First Time

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4 months ago

There is always a first time for everyone. First time to try and explore. I have a lot of things that I want to do and try for the first time.

Some are possible and some are not to happen. Some are easy while some are hard. Some are safe and some are not.

My lists below are possible and safe but some requires money for it to happen.

Riding an airplane.

I haven't been to far places. Ilocos and Baguio, Philippines are the farthest places I have ever been and they don't require air or sea travel.

But I want to try riding an airplane or helicopter but in my mind, I am too scared. I want to try the feeling of travelling by air. My colleagues who have ride an airplane when they travelled in Palawan and in other countries told me how it feels for the first time. It was painful to the ear when the plane landed. They also said that it's best to put earphones when travelling and to chew a gum which will help you not to be dizzy.

But why am I afraid to ride in a plane? Simply because I am worried about accident if in case? I know Its wrong to think that way but that's what comes in my mind.

Riding a ship.

If I am afraid of air plane, its much scarier to ride in a ship. I don't know how to swim if in case it sinks. And I am afraid to see big waves in the sea.

If ever I will be riding in a ship, I want to check if the weather is totally fine and it should be a short travel only.

I watched the movie "Titanic" and it was really tragic. There is no difference between rich and poor when tragedy comes. They will both die if they don"t survive. Even the famous cruise is possible for accident.

But on the other hand, it is very rare to meet an accident on both land and sea.

Riding in a hot-air balloon.

I am curious how it feels to ride in a hot air balloon. Imagine a balloon flying in air and you will be riding up there.

Watch a concert of my favorite performer.

This is always something I want to do. I want to hear live performance of my favorite singer. Its different when you are just watching them in the television and live performance. It gives a different feeling of comfort when you are listening to your favorite songs.

To cook Adobo.

Adobo is one of the famous food served in the Philippines. Even foreigners loved it when they tasted it. It can be pork or chicken.

But the worst part is I don't know how ro cook. I love eating it and yes, they say that it's very simple to do but the reason why I am not trying is because I might fail wih the taste. If I will cook, I will serve it to my family also so the taste should be worthy.

I remember trying to cook an egg for my son but when I tasted it, I don't like the taste because it's too salty. But we still eat some of it.

I want to try to cook adobo but should be with assistance to monitor me with right amount of vinegar and soy sauce and salt.

Eating Ramen.

I love noodles but I haven't tried ramen. I only eat instant noodles. But when I watch videos eating ramen, I really love the way they eat. It looks very delicious.

Drive A Motorcycle

Since I knew how to run a bicycle, I felt that I will also learn how to ride a motorcycle. It requires less body energy because it's powered by gas unlike the bike that your own body will make the bike run..

I want to learn how to run a motorcycle so I can go to market when needed faster. Also, additional experience for me.

To Eat Using Chopsticks

It's embarassing that I'm too old but I don't know how to use chopstick even at home. I have one pair but I don't know how to use it.

My niece and nephew uses chopsticks and they purchased it online. They are too young and are confident in using it. I should be trained first at home so that I can use chopsticks at restaurants in if I am already expert in it.

To go out with make-up. I am very simple girl ever since. I don't wear make up because I don't know how to. I watch vlogs for first timer who wants to learn how to use make up. It looks easy but when I try to do it in my own, its hard and the result that I want is not the same as what I saw from the videos. Even with my eye brows, it is so hard to make it perfect like the experts.

If ever I felt confident with my make-up, I will go out and try to apply it whenever possible.

My Final Say

Most of the things that I want to try for the first time are really easy. But it is true that I haven't tried it yet.

There are some things that gives us the confidence in facing the reality. If we learn simple things, we can share it to others so that those simple things can help others as well.p

I want to thank everyone reading and upvoting my articles especially to my sponsors who continue supporting me: CryptoMax, immaryandmerry and Bjorn.

Happy reading!!

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Written by   56
4 months ago
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I haven't tried to be on a plane too.😅 Hanggang barko lang ako at buses. Kaya pinangarap ko din makasakay ng plane.

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4 months ago