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The Journey of of My Pregnancy and My Caesarean Delivery

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5 months ago

I remember that day. The day I found out that I will become a mother. From pregnancy until I became a mom of my son, Nathan.

I was 35 years old when I got pregnant and that age is not too young for a first time mom. Nowadays, there are younger generations who got pregnant early because of pre-marital sex or early marriage. Some got pregnant as early as 15 or 16 years old.

Some of my highschool and college friends were happily married and with kids by that time. I was jealous because I should be married by that time too. But maybe I was destined to got pregnant at a later age. It was also a choice and my fault.

They say that it is delicate to got pregnant late. I am careful since I am working at night and I do travel. It is also stressful at work and at home.

My Pregnancy

But I am still fortunate because I don't have sensitive pregnancy. I don't vomit and I don't crave for a certain type of food. I got my regular check-ups and I drink prescribed medicines by my OB-Gyne. I already knew that the gender was boy. My only exercise was the morning walk when going home from work. I am also not sleepy unlike other pregnant women.

During my pregnancy, I don't gain much weight. Some doesn't notice that I am pregnant during my 2-3 months. I don't physically change like pregnant women do. And I enjoyed it.

My Delivery Day

Time flies fast until I reached my 36 weeks or my time to deliver. I felt the mild contractions early morning but I was still able to walk and go to the bank to withdraw the money that I will be needing. I am not sure If I will have normal or caesarean pregnancy by that moment.

When I reached home, contractions from mild when to medium. But I can still move and walk. Until it was dark, and the contractions gets harder. I already told my mom that we should go to the hospital. We carried all the things I needed. I was accompanied by my mother and sister-in-law. I was delivered to emergency room upon arrival.

I am very nervous but all I think was if other mothers can do it, why can't I. I need to be tough and I just prayed.

My doctor wasn't there yet. Another doctor checked me If I will be delivering soon. She was strict because I was in pain at that time and I felt uncomfortable while she was checking for my condition. She told me to control my movements but the contractions were getting heavy so I moved a lot.

Then the nurses also checked my blood pressure. I was very nervous and in so much pain. I can no longer describe the exact pain I felt back then. All I remember was that every minute, I already felt the contractions. It felt like I want to loose bowel but not really. My back hurts. I told them to call my mother so that she can massage my back or just someone to comfort me. But no one is allowed to go inside the ER unless the nurses and doctors.

But I was surprised when my mother went inside the ER. I told her why she went in but she said that she need to get my things and need to sign documents. I told her to back even for few seconds and she did. Then she went out also. But its true that mothers touch is effective.

My Operation

Until my OB-Gyne came. She checked also for my condition. Then she told me to call her if I feel like I'm about to poop. We were all waiting and waiting until the doctor told me that I will be under caesarean delivery because my cervix is not wide open. I was already in so much pain so I just said yes and then she asked for the consent of my mother. Then I was injected with anesthesia so that I will no longer feel the pain.

From the normal delivery room, I was transferred to the operating room. It was big but scary because of the operating equipments I saw. Then I became numb and the operation started and I was sleeping while doing it. I didn't know what happened next.

Nathan Was Born

All I know was when the doctor wake me up to tell that my baby was already out.

I don't know if I was sleepy that time because of the medicines injected to me or was it just because I was dizzy. Then when I saw my son, I slept again but I saw my mother and my sister-in-law through the window looking at my son. It was August 31 @ 12:59 in the morning.

The nurses woke me up at around 4 in the morning the next day. I was transferred to the room where my mother was there waiting for me. Then my son was also sent in the room for breastfeeding. I cannot imagine that I already bear a child He was beside my bed and it was amazing that I have milk. I breastfed him.

He was so small but a very good-looking baby. Then my father, younger brother and my eldest brother and his family visited me. We just stayed 2 days in the hospital and we were discharged.

We went home safe. It was hard to move because of the operation but I just rest well for my baby. Other relatives visited us at home and my partner visited us to see our son.

My Final Say

It is fun and at the same time scary when you are pregnant. You need to follow the doctors advise. It was also expensive because I was in caesarean operation. But everything went well and that is very fine. Feels like all pain were gone whenever I saw my son everyday. A gift from God. A prayer granted.

You have to sacrifice a lot when you became a mother. Sleepless nights, stress and all the mothers chores but whenever I saw my son grow and grow, its indescribable happiness. I feel proud. I don't feel alone. I always pray for his safety and may God guide him until he gets old. That he grew up to be God-fearing.

I want to thank everyone reading and upvoting my articles especially to my sponsors who continue supporting me: CryptoMax, immaryandmerry and Bjorn.

Happy reading!!

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Written by   61
5 months ago
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Sa pinagdaanan mo at ng ibang nanay during pregnancy and labor, hats off talaga. I can't imagine the pain thus making all mothers' special.

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5 months ago

Ung pain sa umpisa lang pero after namam nun is happiness na din. Thank you sa message.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Hindi talaga madali magbuntis at manganak sis no? Buti na lang yung akin, hindi ako masyadong pinahirapan. Isang push lang, lumabas na siya.😊 Pero kahit gaano kasakit ang pinagdaanan natin sa panganganak, mawawala naman siya kapag nakita natin na ngumingiti ang ating baby. Kaya worth it pa rin ang lahat ng sakit.😊

$ 0.05
5 months ago

Tama ka dyan..priceless kasi ang panganganak at ang mga anak natin..maswerte ka nga kasi normal delivery ka..

$ 0.00
5 months ago