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Second Dose Done For Us...Finally

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2 months ago

Today is the day. September 13 for our second dose of Sinovac vaccine. This was the schedule for me, my younger brother and my nephew.

But I don't know why I was scared taking the second dose. Some says that you will get sick on your first shot, which did not happen to me or to my brother or nephew. So I was thinking was what if I got sick during the second dose or anyone of us?

First dose was done August 16. It was fast for us We came early and we were done within 2 hours only. It waa because we have a reserved slot from our baranggay. We came there then just look for my sisters friend and then we were given the stubs which served as a slot to faster lane. Process was fast.

The Second Dose

But now, it was the total opposite from our first vaccine. I just thought that we need to make effort now and fall in line like what others did because we did not experienced it during the first shot.

I slept around 3am with my son before that day. Then I woke up 7;30 in the morning. I expected that we will be there before 8am which did not happened.

We ate and left the house at 9 in the morning. We found out that my cousins were already there as early as 7 am. Since it was jist near to us we were there within 10 minutes of riding the tricycle.

When we got to the venue, there were many people and already in a very long line. So I asked the woman, where the line was for the second dose. She said that all the people there are for second dose and the end of the line was too far to be seen. We walked and the end of the line was inside. Many people were still coming and ccming

Then we fall in line. Good thing that the weather was okay. I can see that the process was fast We are moving from time to time. We also saw our cousins who cane early and they were already inside the court which means they are near to be vaccinated..

Then my brother was expecting that we can be home by 11 am because it was fast. Then suddenly, I noticed that the movement stopped. The policeman assisting us no longer called people to move from here to another phase. Then I heard someone from the lane that there was a lost of supply of vaccines. Some says that they were just taking a break. It was past 1 hoir when the supplies of vaccines came. So it was true.

After that, the movement was fast again The policemen now started counting so that we can move from one place to another. My brother and nephew were not bored because they were playing with their cellphones but I did not bring mine because my son will be looking for it once he woke up.

At around 12 in the afternoon, we were at the vaccination area. Unexpectedly, the officers came and told us they will be taking their lunch. Most of us waiting were angry. One of the people waiting went inside the vaccination area to complain. Maybe he was in a hurry too. It was just unfair because we all came early without lunch too. We ate breakfast but some do not. The bad thing was, they took their lunch altogether.

We waited for another 1 hour for their lunch.

We're Vaccinated

After that, the process was fast again.. When I was seated, I was scared again. I saw the needles and remember the officer telling me to relax and be calm. I closed my eyes and tried to be calm. But while I was being vaccinated, I can feel the pain. Aside from the needle itself, the fact that it was a vaccine being placed on your arm, it doubled the pain.

But whatever it is, it simply maans, we're vaccinated.

Then, they got our blood pressures and oxygen. Finally, the verification of identity and the certificates.

I thought, all the waiting ends. We were just waiting for our certificates as a proof that we are fully vaccinated. We waited outside the area for our names to be called for our certificates.

An assistant handling the certificates will go on our place and called out names. The first one to be called was my nephee, then it was me. We are just waiting for my brothers name so that we can go home. We we're all starving because we are thirsty and we haven't took our lunch.

Another batch of names were called. The man called out usoing names. I thought it was my brother so I got it and good thing, I checked for the last name. It was not his certificate. I returned it and just waited for another batches of certificates. Then another batch were called, but still my brothers names was not called. I told my brother to inform the assistant about his name. It might be missed because the people remaining were from another batch. He was told by the assistant that he already noticed his name.

Until another batch was called and finally, my brothers name was called. We make sure that our names were printed correctly before we keave.

My Final Say

I am fully vaccinated. We are vaccinated. Whatever our vaccine is, keep in mind thay they are all effective even there were rumors. Mind over matter as what they say.

But I always remember that even we are done with our vaccines, we still need to wear face masks and face shields and continue with social distancing. We are not 100% safe. There is still a be affected with Covid-19 but not severe. If we follow the rules, we won't get affected We also meed to pray to God for guidance and faster recovery to those affected.

Thank you to all readers and hope you enjoy your day!!

Happy reading .

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Written by   56
2 months ago
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Sanaol nalang talaga, kase ako nasa takot ko parin ang mga nangyayari sa mga na vaccine.I'm Happy for all of you guys who's already fully vaccinated.

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2 months ago

Nakakatakot tlga para kailangan lang maniwala

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2 months ago

I am happy to hear that finally you get the second dose of vaccine done. I am also fully vaccinated but I agree, still we need to follow the precautions to avoid it.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Congratulations for being fully vaccinated. ✨ God bless you everyday

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2 months ago