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My First Time To Experience Ilocos

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1 month ago

Wave back February 2015, I went to Ilocos Sur and Del Norte with my colleagues. I don't have a kid yet so I can still travel that time. I am not actually part of the trip but someone backed out and I was the replacement. It was expensive at first that is why I did not joined but since someone did not go, I paid only half the price.

I always mentioned in my few articles about travel that I am not into travelling. But since my closest person at work were going to the trip, I can be easily convinced to come as long as the price I will be paying is right to my budget.

The Planning

During working hours, that is the time they made plans for their trip. They do some research on the places they will be visiting there, foods to eat, where to stay and what to expect once they are in Ilocos. I want to come because it was not a long trip. Only 2 days and 3 nights. But when I heard how much to pay, I knew I cannot join.

I already heard rumors that 1 of them might back out. They told me that I should come with them. But since it was not sure, I do not made any plans, too.

Then suddenly, 2 days before the trip, it was confirmed that one of them backed out. So I will be joining them and I just borrowed money for the trip. It was unexpected but I will just try. I haven't been into travelling so I will just enjoy and explore.

The Travel

We all file for vacation leave and it was approved since it was not peak season at work. Our meeting place was at the mall near our work. We travelled at night for us to go there early in the morning. The van was big and comfortable. It was an 8 hour travel including traffic.

I don't usually sleep when travelling. Most of my colleagues were slept but I was just looking at the window even that dark night. I remember there was this part where it looks creepy because of the trees and no lights in the area.

Until we reach Ilocos Norte.

Calle Crisologo

I cannot recall the places we went first but I can say that those places were breath taking and really amazing to look at. All I remember was that we went to Calle Crisologo in Vigan City.

Calle Crisologo, Vigan City

All I can say was that it was a very historical place The houses were old and it's good to take pictures at night because of it's old style houses. But in the morning, it looks like a normal street selling goods and products made from Ilocos.

When we reach there early in the morning, we ate at one of the cheap restaurants there. I have my packed food for me to save. They all ordered foods while I just ate what I have. After that, we started our day by travelling.

Paoay Church

We also went to Paoay Church. A very old church but still looks strong. It is very big and many visitors can pray.

Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte

Seeing the beautiful places like this are treasured places in the Philippines.

These are our photos in front of the church. It was too hot when this picture was taken.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

I am amazed by this view. You can see the large formation of rocks in different sizes. The structure behind me was an amzing structure.

Behind the rock formation is the beautiful sea. We took pictures as many as we can because we don't know when we can come back to this beautiful place like this again. It is always amazing to look at with beautiful waves.

Sand Dunes

This is one of the best places I experienced there. We arrived early in the afternoon so it was hot. This is like a desert with beautiful sands. We took a slide in the sand and it was a surprise for me to try because it was too deep if you will be looking from the top. We all tried it in the heat of the sun and it was an amazing feeling. We slide using a board like a surfing board and it depends on how you will slide. Either seated or lied down. It was sandy but it was fun for all of us. The more lighter your body is, the farther you will get once you slide down.

We also rode the 4x4. We were divided into 2 cars and there we experienced the fast ride in a sand. Going up and down in the soft fine sand.

I remember the non-stop shouting from all of us and at the same time laughter. You need to held tight from any parts of the car before it started because the ride was too fast to feel the excitement. Even it was hot, we still need to wear jackets to protect our skin from the sun's rays.


We also went to Baluarte to experience the different animals in that area.

This is a park or zoo owned by politician Mr. Chavit Singson where the collection of animals were there.

Swimming in the Sea

We stayed in a hotel near the sea where we swam. I cannot recall the name of the sea but it was bery cold when we swim. i just swin for a few minutes because I cannot last the cold weather.

I noticed that only few were swimming that time. It was already afternoon but it looks sad with few people. Some of my colleagues were still swimming but I prefer sitting with my colleague after swimming and just looking at the view.

Eating Empanada

We also experienced the famous empanada in Ilocos. It costs P50.00 during that time. It was cooked while we were waiting. With egs, longganisa and meat and vegetables. We were all full after eating it and I did not finish eating it because the food was really heavy in stomach but delicious and tasty. No wonder why visitors were very proud about empanada of Ilocos.

My Final Say

We have visited a lot of places in Ilocos. I can say that everything there was first for me. To eat the famous empanada fresh from Ilcoos, rode in 4x4 in Sand Dunes. slide in the sand, visited Bangui Windmill, visited former President Marcos old house and a lot of beautiful places that we Filipinos can be proud of.

What is best in travelling is that you also learn the history of places we are going. Aside from enjoying, we also learn.

Hope you enjoy todays article of mine. Happy reading and have a nice day!!

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Written by   53
1 month ago
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Ganda ng lugar sis. I remember when I was in high school, may assignment kami na magdala ng larawan ng mga magagandang lugar sa Pilipinas. Tapos yung dinala ko ay yung picture ng Paoay Church.hihi

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1 month ago

Madaming magaganda s Ilocos, pero linited lang oras tsaka magastos din pero tje best talaga ung Sand Dunes. Thanks sa upvote

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1 month ago