I Tried My Best But Did Not Pass The Assessment

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It's been a while since I last wrote an article. I have been busy with my son and at home. I am still unemployed but looking for a job and I can say that it is harder this time because I need to find a work-from-home to look for my son.

This is the continuation of my previous article "Maybe The Job Was Not Meant For Me". Because I did not answered the call for the initial interview, my friend who works from the company I am applying, told me that he will send a follow-up to the company to call me again. That is why I always checked my phone from time to time and checked also if there is a signal.

I Finally Answered The Call

It was already past 6pm and I was waiting for a message from my boyfriend but when my phone rang, I knew that it was the company where I applied. I quickly went out of the house because I don't want my family to know that I was being interviewed. I am also shy to answer it loudly if I know that someone is listening.

I went out to answer the call but the interviewer who was a girl said that she cannot hear me well. Finally, it was the initial interview. When she cannot hear me well, I walked a bit and ask her if she can hear me better but it seemed that the signal was getting worse outside and she can hear the noise around like the dogs barking and the tricycles passing by than my voice.

She said to look for a wall but there was a motorcycle in front of our house that was about to leave. When it left, the conversation became clear. The motorcycle was parked in a wall.

The Initial Interview

The interview was short but it was unexpected and I admit that I am not ready that time but I was able to answer the questions. The interviewer was from the Talent Acquisition Team. I did not get her name well. The interview took us 4-5 minutes only.

After the interview, she gave me feedbacks about my answer. She said that I use fillers most of the time.

Fillers are words like uhmmm..ahhhh.. which I used in most of my answers. I told the interviewer that the call was unexpected. Though I practiced for the possible questions and answers before, it felt like I forgot those during the call and just answered her with all my best. But I still thank her for giving me feedbacks about our interview.

Luckily, I passed the initial interview. She told it to me before ending the call. I told myself if it was this easy to passed. She told me that the next step will be the assessment then final interview, medical examination and lastly, the job offer. She also mentioned the monthly salary that I will be receiving. I agreed with that since it is a permanent work from home. But during that time, I still cannot believed that I passed the first step.

Then, she said that I will be receiving an email for the online assessment which I can take the next day. I felt that I can do the exam though I was informed that the account is a blended or mixture of non-voice and voice. It means that I will be taking calls and processing requests at the same time.

I remember the last time I worked in a voice account where I worked a bit far from our place. I experienced stress in traffic and the training itself. I know that I will not last there but I still tried my best. I finished the 3 months training but did not passed. I did not meet their requirements which I felt relieved in a way because I will no longer work there. They were the ones who made me quit. I was sad because I tried my best. I listened and tried to understand the topics that we had but I cannot absorb it. After that, I told myself that I will just apply in a non-voice account.

The Online Assessment

The next morning, I noticed that there was a missed call and I knew that it was from the company where I am applying. I texted them but there was no reply and they did not call again.

I just took the exam after my sons online class. I took it since it was only me and my son in the house but I cannot concentrate because there are interruptions along the way. I always look outside while taking the exam. My son was also watching television.

There were 2 sets of exams. There were technical and the other one was voice assessment.

The technical exam was more about some trouble shooting and computer software.

There was also personality exam. This is like a values assessment.

There were also a sample scenarios of chat between you and the customer asking for assistance and services. It has a time limit and I was not aware at first. I did not finish the rest of the chat. You need to provide the best response to customers inquiry for the issue to be resolved faster. I think this is where I mostly failed.

The second type of exam was about vocabulary and voice assessment. It was easy for me. Most of the second exam was voice recording. You will pronounce the words flashed in the screen. Then, you will also listen to sample spills used during a call and you will say it and record your voice.

After taking those online exams, I emailed back that I am done. I was nervous but I thought that the result will be sent the other day.

The Result

After an hour, I checked my email and the result was already sent. I did not pass. I thought that it will be given the other day. I felt very mad and sad. I was confident at first that I will make it. I just hope that they mentioned my score so that I will know my mistakes. I think that I failed because of the time limit.

I remember while I was taking the exam. I already thought if I will be starting immediately once I got hired. I already imagine that I will be answering calls which I don't want but I have no choice. But those dreams ended when I failed. The reality is still, I don't have a job.

My Final Say

After failing, that was the time I told my friends and family that I failed with the assessment. I felt bad even up to now. I know now how my friend felt when he also told me that he failed in his previous applications before passing.

I just need to be more prepared for my next job application. I need to do my best and continue to prove myself that its not the end. It is just the start of something new.

Hope you guys will still support me in my articles that I will be posting. Have a nice day.

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Its okay dear ,don't give up easily ,theres still another chances try ulit ,its not end of everything. Baka sa next apply mo ay makuha mo na gusto mong trabaho🤗

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1 year ago

Don't worry sis, sometimes may mga account na mas mataas ang qualifications talaga. Try ka pa din ng try kasi may ibang account na mas okay. Wag ka panghinaan ng loob, magserve na lang din yun as practice for your next job interview/assessment. AJA!

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1 year ago

Dont worry dear, your journey starts now. Every failure brings a new opportunity. Soon You will get good job

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1 year ago

I don't know what encouraging work I will sya to you sis, but don't stop looking for new job because there are still openings out there I'm not sure about the permanent work from home set up though.

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1 year ago

Thank you and yes its hard to look for permanent work from home nowadays but I will still try. If theres none, I will just apply onsite but near to our houss.

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1 year ago