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I Have A Crush On Him

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1 month ago
Topics: Love, Stories, Freedom

Crush is admiration. It means admiring a person based on his physical looks, attitude, humor or can be common sense of a person. It is the feeling of happiness everytine you see a perosn you like. It brings joy within or feeling of excitement everytine you see that person. You can admire a celebrity, a singer, dancer, politician or even a closest friend. Crush is not just for teenagers or young generations. It can be for all ages.

Reminiscing My Crush When I Was A Kid

I remember when I was just a kid. I admitted that I have a lot of crushes. Most of them are my schoolmates or the people in the neighborhood.

I remember when I wrote a love letter to my crush. What I did was that I used my playmates name instead of mine pretending she was the one who sent it. He was older than me and he replied that I am too young for crush. Maybe he knew all along that it was me.

I always saw him riding in a bike with his brother and I don't know why but I am happy seeing him. I haven't talked to that person and I don't know anything about him except his house because it was just along the street. Everytime we passed that street, I can't help but glance on their house to see if he was there.

I searched for his Facebook account and he has changed a lot. Of course, he is older and he has his own family.

I also have a crush with my cousins neighbor. I always saw him outside sitting and I knew he had a crush on me too before. He was small and thin guy. But it was almost 20 years ago.

When I searched him in Facebook now, it was the total opposite. He is tall, handsome, and with a nice body. I began to have a crush on him again but I think he is now married and with kid/kids.

My New Crush

Eversince I became addicted with K-Dramas and watched Backstreet Rookie, I fell for Ji Chang-Wook. I do few research about him.

He is a Korean actor and considered one of the best actors in Korea. He is 34 years of age and happily married.

I became so addicted with Backstreet Rookie because of him and keep listening to its soundtrack and even I don't know the meaning of the song because it was in Korean, I can say it was giving me a peaceful mind hearing it. A stree free and rimantic song, for sure.

Going back to my crush, as days passed by, I begin searching for his other films and clips about him in the internet.

But Backstreet Rookie is still the best series for me.

Why Do I Have A Crush On Him?

First of all, by his physical attractive looks. I love the whole face. His face fits in action, drama, romance and comedy. He is versatile actor and again, very attractive. Every girls can have a crush on him. He is tall, white and very handsome.

I am now old but the person I admire is younger than me. He is also a good singer.

I like his hair. He has bangs and very simple hair but still he is very good looking. His face is noticeable and has a good skin. What more in person. I might be stsring him a lot if I see him in person.

I believe he will be a great father to his kid/kids and a great husband too.

I saw him in Youtube with Senator Manny Pacquiao and his family meeting him in person which happened few years ago. Miss Jinky Pacquiao was thrilled when taking a picture with him. You can see the big smile from her face.

Ji Chang Wook also have a picture taking with Miss Heart Evangelista in a famous gathering. He always smiles to everyone.

I even told my partner about him. That I have a crush who is a very good looking and a celebrity man. Well, he knew that I have been watching K-Dramas lately and I'm not sure if he was interested.

I am not sure if boys can relate how a girl feels when having a crush. Wonen is showy unlike men. We can admit having a crush to a friend or even to the person we admire.

Men are mysterious. They tend to hide their emotions and feelings towards a person. They cannot even tell it to their closest guy friend.

My Final Say

It is fine to admire someone. It is healthy as long as you know your limitations. Having a crush is free and it is a free will.

I may have a crush on Ji Chang Wook but there are only two guys I love the most: my son and my partner. But I love my whole family, of course.

Thank you to all the readers and let us just continue writing. Telling about what we experienced, our dreams and anything under the sun that we want to express.

Thank you to my sponsors. Yzz0625 and CryptoMax

I also want to thank Rusty. If you can only reply to us. Hope you are okay because we haven't seen you and felt you lately.

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Avatar for Shyness
Written by   56
1 month ago
Topics: Love, Stories, Freedom
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Di naman talaga nawawala ang feelings sa pag kakaroon ng crush eh kahit nga committed kana nag kakacrush ka padin sa iba. :)

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1 month ago

huhuhu how would u know if crush mo na yung taoo??? i feeel likee im justt denying iit huhuhu

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Mararamdaman mo yan .

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I love having crushes because they make me feel kilig when I'm down HAHA. It is also a lot easier to just have crushes than be in a relationship.

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1 month ago