Happy Anniversary To Me. Remembering The Days Before I Started In Read.Cash

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1 year ago

Time flies so fast. I cannot imagine that I have been part of Read.Cash family for 1 year. This is where I met different people whom I treated as friends. I have gained sponsors every now and then. I met Rusty who is everyone's bestfriend.

My Journey Before Read.Cash

Before, I joined different earning applications and websites which I saw in FaceBook. My main reason was to earn. I thought that all I see were true. I thought that upon joining those earning apps, you will earn money easily.

I remembered when I joined in one of those earning websites. It was true at first. I earned and I met a friend who earned a lot. He was just a student and he already bought a personal computer from earning. I also earned but it was only small compared to him. But it was late when I found out that the app was already closed. I just enrolled 2 accounts before it closed.

Some were websites wherein you don't have to do anything but to log in and log out everyday. With every log in, I earned 50 pesos a day and pay out was every week. You can get your pay out every 2 weeks. 3 days when I was about to get the money, the website also closed. It in m no longer available.

I did not stopped. I still joined other because I believe I can find a trusted application or website. But then again, I failed.

The biggest money that I used was when I joined a big company worldwide and I paid 5,000 pesos which I got from my 13th month pay. My colleague was the one who invited us to join. I joined because he said that he joined before and he earned double for what he paid. He said that I will get the money after 3 months. He did not forced us to join but I believe in him so I pay immediately.

3 months had passed but I have not heard of anything from my colleague. I also found out that one of my colleagues also joined. We gave the same amount and she was also waiting for the money. She was also asking if I have the money since she found out that I also joined.

What we did was to chat our colleague who invited us. He told us to wait because the cash-out will be converted to cryptocurrency. The pay out was through cash but they upgraded it to crypto. We waited and waited until nothing happened. Until we found out that the company closed and many customers filed complaints.

We were annoyed but it was my fault that I joined. After that, I realized that it was time to stop. I wasted money.

How Did I Met Read.Cash?

After all those failed attempts, I watched a video showing an application wherein you will earn without paying anything. I tried it and it was true. I earned though it was very little. It was Noise.Cash

Until I read that you can also earn while writing articles. This is where I met Read. Cash. I became focused here than in Noise.Cash because there were updates that I cannot follow.

I diverted my attention to Read.Cash because I like to write. I read carefully the instructions and restrictions in writing. I remembered that my first article was where I introduced myself. I Am Shy was my first article.

I did not expected that Rusty noticed me on my first article. I was happy with what I earn through Bitcoin Cash. I also received upvotes from other writers and comments.from what I wrote.

It was a different feeling during those first earnings here in Read. Cash especially when you received notifications from Rusty. Imagine, this was the website that I sign up for free and I earned without paying anything.

All you need to do is to write and write

What I Did With My Earnings

I used it in our loading business. Since we have a small business which is a small store, I used in for loading purposes.

This is where I learned about crypto also. I became aware of converting Bitcoin Cash to Pesos using Coins.Ph.

As time passed by, I also added some of my earnings with other bills at home. It was very useful to me.

My Final Say

I have been part of Read.Cash for 1 year. I have written may articles and I am proud of myself and my articles.

I am also amazed by other writers who are very active in writing everyday. I hope I have a powerful mind like them to published an article 2 or 3 times a day.

I hope that Read.Cash will be forever.

I learned and I am learning a lot as I write.

Thank you very much for reading this another article of mine. Thank you to my 66 subscribers.

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1 year ago


Congrats! Who would've thought that we will be here this long :) Keep writing! Indeed read and noise and bch have become part of our lives.

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1 year ago

Thank you ARTicLEE for the upvote. Let us keep up the good work.

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1 year ago

Happy anniversary to you Shyness. Hope that I will stay longer here also. Keep up the good work.

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1 year ago

Thank you Miss_BCH. I do not write everyday but I still find time to write. We are.fortunate to have Read.Cash

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1 year ago

Woah happy anniversary for being a member of this platform for a year. It's a tough journey went I think we have the same path until we find this platform. I also joined many apps and websites before but lots of themcare paying low and some are scammed by pulling out the investment and close the website. I am also hoping that this platform will last forever, I believe that through this websites we can voice out ourselves and share out opinion while earning a decent income.

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1 year ago

Thank you Codename_Chikakiku and I'm hoping for more years to come. Yes, everything was tough before I joined Read.Cash. Now, I never joined in any earning apps and websites.

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1 year ago