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2 years ago
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Social media apps has advantages and disadvantages, depend on how you use it. Today's article is about recent added features in what's app. I'm a what's app business app user. Right now I'm not holding or promote any business of mine but installed it for future business plans. Whatever, who doesn’t get angry when texting? Yesterday I've tried for the first time in what's app reaction on text and there was only six emoticon available. I was missing the angry emoticon which was important.

Later I thought we can add our emoticon here but I was wrong those six reaction emojis were fixed there and those were like,love,LOL, wow,sad/cry and please/request emojis. Where's the angry emoticon? Even can't add it here, no feature available. Later I realize, probably business account doesn’t allow angry emoticon because in business we need patience and can't show anger to our clients or customers. Pretty good reason, I've discovered LOL!

screenshot of my what's app

Social media apps has lots of use if we use it for purposes and not misuse of it. I can understand my discussion topic it quite silly but I found it interesting. Messenger app is in advance level as there is almost all the necessary emoticons public look for most of the time when chatting. We are sometimes over reacting in virtual conversation but not that over reacting in real life. These text reaction surely help us to express our real expression to the person we talk or chat.

Day by day these chatting apps getting smarter and as I've read about meta concept it will be amazing for new generation. 3D concept of our virtual copy, our own avatar who will be our proxy or our copy to make conversation, attend classes and so on. Life is getting more smarter some taking advantages of it by using properly and some misusing it and spreading bad name of social media app but inventors invented it for use not misuse for sure.

Personally I'm also get fed up with social media apps because we waste a lot of time here but later I feel or realize that its me who is responsible for time waste or spending lots of time for no reason here. Its a kind of addiction for young generation but we can get out from this if we want. Once I was addicted to these apps and features of it, was crazy about making friends and chatting with foreign friends but it was craze of time but a lot of time already wasted. No problem, it was me who was responsible for this, social media apps are helpful enough if we know the right use of it.

Anyways, let's come back to the topic. Having an angry emoticon for reacting on text is necessary but its not available. In Messenger app we can pick emoticon from a list of it but in what's app that feature is not available or maybe I was unable to find it, not sure actually! As apps update most of the time so we can expect the change someday. Many people write app review and developers pay attention to it to make the app better so leaving a review on it in play store of google can help me on this. As a human being when get something good, we expect the better and best so this is natural that we want more in almost everything.

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2 years ago


This is very good. We don't have to waste our precious time on the internet no matter how bored we are. When you are there, just make sure you are gaining something or doing something that is adding value to you

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2 years ago

But we mostly waste time doing chatting blah blahs

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2 years ago