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What should be in a relationship?

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10 months ago
Topics: Confidence, Loyalty, Freedom, Love, People, ...

Hello there.

I'll talk about the things that should happen in a relationship.

Everyone's relationship is different and their wishes are different, but I guess let me tell you how I want it to be if one day I have a relationship. so I'm starting

First of all, I will tell about my observations.

The relationship with the people around me is ridiculous and weird. That's my point. I do not judge but this is the truth.

We will travel together, for example, they get permission from their lovers. What is getting permission?

Such a thing cannot happen.

Everyone can make their own decisions. I tried to explain a lot but they don't understand.

I am only 19 years old. So are my friends. Many of them got married.

I'm starting to explain what should happen in my own relationship.

First of all I want to be friends. Spending time like friends, doing everything together. Going to school together, studying ... Doing whatever friends would do.

People who truly love never get bored with each other. Believe it.

The people who know us the most in this life and the people we know the most are our friends. For example, I trust my friends the most. I love them very much.

If something emotional starts between us, we feel.

For example, if I had a girlfriend, I would not interfere with him. Where did he go, with whom he went, what was he wearing ... These are not my business.

He can't take my permission because I can't stand!

Nobody can interfere with anyone. I do not interfere with your friends.

They can have girlfriends. There is no problem for me. It's all about trust and being in love with someone I don't trust.

My advice to you is, don't be dear to someone you don't trust.

The more you bore a person, the more he gets away from you. People are free.

Love him instead of boring him, friends. Love instead of fighting.

Trust instead of squeezing

Don't be dear to someone you don't trust.

Examine their behavior on you and your environment. Study their behavior towards strangers and even their behavior towards animals.

If you see rude in these behaviors and if they are kind to you, this person will also be rude to you. Unfortunately, people show their true faces when they get married.

For example, I do not want other boring relationships. I want to have fun. Let him be a fun person. I already know how to have fun, so on my own. You know, we can't get out of the house. I am having great fun by myself.

I am someone who can do every madness. You have no limits. Be the same for you. Don't let it interfere with you. Remember, this is your life.

I move on to the next.

I don't think he really cares about looks. In other words, no matter how handsome or beautiful a person is, the appearance does not matter if you do not understand, listen and chat with each other. There are a lot of very handsome but stupid people.

So what I mean is to judge anyone by appearances.

Everyone has the look they want, of course.

For example, I like blond people very much. People with blond and colored


I also love tall men and women. I'm a little short, but that's how I am, but my eyes are blue. I mean, I prefer that blonde or auburn ..

I live in Turkey and said there is a perception in my country. What does Elalem say?

People cannot move freely, travel, or dress as they wish.

Because they think someone else will say something bad. Nobody cares about anyone, they don't understand this. Everyone is leaving their own life and focusing on someone else's life. This kind of thing is far from me. Girls don't change for anyone. You can do whatever you want. Nobody can tell you what to do. You will certainly make mistakes. I'll do it too. Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are there to learn.

In this period, we have to go out except to meet our needs. We have to squeeze a little more. These bad days will pass, my dear friends. I love you all.

What did Orhan Gencebay say; NOBODY IS PERFECT.

Stay with love and health.

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Written by   20
10 months ago
Topics: Confidence, Loyalty, Freedom, Love, People, ...
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they say everything takes time and there are different/process that happens in a relationship

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10 months ago

I know very well that there was really love in the past, but I don't believe any of today's relationships are real. Not everyone is the same, but I think you should start a relationship by believing that you really know someone well. Most of today's relationships are based on self-interest.

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10 months ago