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Weight problem

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9 months ago
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Hello, dear friends.

Today I want to talk about weight problems.

A situation that almost every person can experience. It's a situation women obsess over.

I am also a woman and of course I have excess weight. I try not to do this a problem, but there is always a problem.

I lost weight recently and now feel fine.

Having extra pounds doesn't mean we're not beautiful.

All people are beautiful.

All women are beautiful, all men are beautiful.

It needs to be considered in terms of health.

I saw and met many very overweight people. Everyone has different problems. Such as getting tired immediately while walking, shortness of breath after two steps, diaper rash on the legs, not being able to bend down, shoelace and climb stairs.

Of course, overweight people experience these and after a while they lose weight with surgery. I don't know how healthy this is, but they are really beautiful.

I don't know what they are going through, what kind of problems they have, but let me talk about their own problems.

Frankly, I can say I have no problem.

I always wear loose-fitting clothes and do not buy anything for my body just because I am fond of comfort. I don't wear it even if I buy it. I would recommend this really very comfortable.

Those who want to lose weight can apply what I have to say.

You will not eat pastries and bread.

You will avoid sugar and sweets.

Instead of fatty meals (such as frying), you can add raw olive oil to your food (a little bit).

You will leave the market junk food profit.

This is a good diet. It is both healthy and weight loss. Of course, you will eat it as a portion. But it is possible to lose weight by staying away from what they say.

You will stay away from carbonated drinks.

You can drink coffee, there are wonderful herbal teas, buttermilk, for example, these are things that can be consumed healthy. Besides, drinking plenty of water. Drinking water is very healthy. We need to consume 3 liters of water daily.

As I said. These are healthy diets. Because I can't apply it. The family home is not possible for this.

Losing weight is not easy but it is something that needs to be done for health. I wish success to everyone who wants to lose weight. I believe you will succeed.

In addition to being overweight, there are also people who do not gain weight. Those who cannot gain weight no matter what they eat. There are such people around me. This is not healthy either. I can't say much about that because it's not something I've experienced.

Families may misbehave little children who are overweight. Don't eat more anymore. You are very fat. You eat like a bear. They say false and ugly words in style. I've also experienced this. If you see such behavior, warn what happens around you. Families can eat healthily by changing the way they eat together. Both the child is happy and the family members really give family support to their children. Please warn of misconduct. children's hearts are very sensitive.

People limit their freedom because of people. This is very wrong. They can't wear what they want. If she wears a skirt, they make very bad comments about the thick, disgusting style of your legs.

A person heals first himself and then society. I wish us to become a good society. Everybody is free. Do not restrict yourself to your weight.

The person reading this has something to tell you. You are beautiful with all your sights.❤️

I wish everyone a good day.

Stay healthy.

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Written by   19
9 months ago
Topics: Weight, Problem, Health, Beautiful, Dear, ...
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