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Love is immeasurable

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10 months ago
Topics: Family, Love, Animals, Kavun, Baby, ...

Sometimes they ask us. Do you love your mother or your father more?

However, there is no measure for this. It is not more to love mother or father, but both have a different or the same place. It must be the same. One should not be more than one.

Generally, in our circle of friends, we talk about who do you love the most. Everyone has a favorite friend. But I do not have. There really isn't.

For example, let's say I have 10 close friends.

I don't have the most favorite.

Because everyone's place is different for me.

I have never measured or tried to measure it.

My advice is don't measure your love. Love is immeasurable.

I love it as much as I can. I'm trying to love everything.

I have a daughter. Its name is melon. Since he came to us, my love has grown many times over. It has increased against everything. So are my mom and dad. We have chickens, for example, I wouldn't like them. Now they are like my children, I get happy when I feed them. We have a dog and I feel happy when we love and feed him. My love grows day by day. My advice to you is to get a pet. Love him very much and be sure you will start loving everything. Now I look at every event positively. I love every animal. I try to feed them, give water. This makes me more happy and peaceful. There are many positive aspects of life. Just open your eyes. I'm sending my love from here to my daughter. I love her so much. Good thing you have me, me. I am a cat mom. I love you too.

I wish you healthy days in these difficult times. Stay healthy..

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Avatar for Seri
Written by   20
10 months ago
Topics: Family, Love, Animals, Kavun, Baby, ...
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