Change the words, let your world change

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Use the power of words to make a difference in your world

Words have a great place in human life. Words are happy or unhappy, peace or war is made, married or divorced, in short, words are the things that direct our lives and their importance in our lives is indisputable.

The power of words also varies depending on who is saying it. Words used by malicious people make life uninhabitable, while words used by positive thoughts dissipate the darkness and become a ray of hope.

The power of words comes from managing thoughts. Words affect thoughts, thoughts feelings, emotions affect behavior, and behavior has consequences. An experiment was conducted on the power of words as follows. In the US state of California, a professor randomly selects 5 students, and teachers are told that these children are gifted and very successful. Teachers, on top of that, approach and take care of students more, and train themselves by further developing themselves. Children, on the other hand, are motivated to work harder thanks to this interest shown to them. By the end of the year, these five children will have the highest grades in school. This success of five ordinary students was thanks to the words spoken by the professor.

William Shakespeare said, "There is nothing good or bad, thinking makes them that way." Indeed, people don't communicate by reacting to events or people. It actually reacts in the way they label them on their heads (like looks and clothes). For example, while a business woman in normal clothes is respected in modern societies, she is labeled and excluded in less developed or religiously oppressed regions. This labeling stands out for leadership. If the person who is the leader puts an I tag in front of everything, the management style will be like rulership. Whereas, leaders who put us at the head implement a more democratic and participatory management style. This is one of the best examples of the change and effect of a word on a person.

Labels on objects and events also affect human life. Giving the ominous label to the black cat or broken mirror constantly leads to running away from them. Worse than that is the final label given to death, which is the end of human life. This event, which can be the last for the person himself, turns into disasters for the death of his relatives, people even end their own lives by going into depression. When the test label is given to the final place of death, people will struggle to succeed in this test and continue their lives. In addition, while life is continued stronger, the memories of the lost relative will live in people stronger.

Labeling is sometimes made by others and people are forced to comply. George Orwell's 1984 book carries the best examples of this. By the administration, the traitor can be shown to the public as the hero of the country, and the hero of the country as a traitor, and people adopt this after a while. Nowadays, people's ideas and actions can be guided by playing with words very easily. For example, there is no raise, there is no update, there is no pressure, there is a security requirement or there is no negligence due to fate, and thoughts can be changed.

As can be understood from the examples, those who use words well dominate everything. Therefore, the choice of words to be used is very important. People should examine the labels they encounter carefully, remove the label when necessary and look for the truth behind it.

The power of positive words should be believed and people should include them more in their lives. As a result, it will be seen that many problems will be solved before they even begin, and the quality of life will rise very high. Negative words are like dirt and stains on clothes and should be removed from human life. People can use different methods to achieve this, such as using five positive words for each bad word. People should not use these bad words not only for others but also for themselves. The benefit of this will show itself in the quality of life in a very short time.

There are also magical words that open every door and cause good communication to begin. These are words like hello, good morning, thank you, you're welcome, sorry, and please. The more these words are used and the more appropriate they are used, the more powerful they feel.

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You are right. Words are indeed a key and, when used correctly, can open any door.

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