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Thoughts and Expectations

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2 months ago

Each time we do something or we try to stsrt something new ahead, we think over and over again, Was it correct? Is this the right way? Should I choose that? Too many questions pop up into our little mind.

Let this little cats thought reach to its expectations. Captured from my mobile.

It is not just one of us. Almost all of us get inro this confusing state of mind. May be as the saying goes "Too many cooks spoil the broth". If we take a decision by ourself or with the assistance of just one single trusted person these questions never pop up.

Before we get into any negotiations it is always better to have a subject knowledge of what you are going for? May be it is too little a talk or may be its a serious issue .

Just make sure to keep yourself updated in what you are getting involved. So that you have a prepared answer for an unexpected question. Never give a chance for peoples to question you more than once. The answer should be in your finger tip.

Never blindly believe anyone and never give up if you prove to be right. Do you know when people take chances ? It is only when they get to know your weak points and they focus on to your weak points rather than coming to the matter concerned.

When it is concerning to a new job or any kind of new proposal or matter relating to admission of your child , in simple words, those things which are to be considered seriously , it is always better to have a second option. An assistance from trusted persons will be of great help.

But at the same time never disclose the complete picture of your expectations. Because some take it for granted while some struggle to find loopholes to add fuel to fire. Rarely some considers it as their own to give you a brief description of what you are intending to do.

Communication is very important when two persons are involved. Let this communication be an healthy one to find a final solution. Any communication should end up short and sweet rather than a long one withn o end result.

If your "thoughts " are good, you will break all the barriers to reach upto your "expectations".

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Written by   34
2 months ago
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Indeed. Having the right and effective communication will save us from lots of future misunderstanding.

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2 months ago