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Let your smile be your identity

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2 months ago

Are we losing something by our beautiful smile. Not at all dear friends. In fact we becone more energetic by giving off a beautiful smile free of cost, even if it's a stranger.

Spread your smile like the fragrance of these colorful flowers for someone to rejoice. Captured from my mobile at a flower exhibition.

Yesterday I happen to watch a program about an young aspirant aiming to become a Doctor, but met with an accident. Her entrance exam for medicine was just one month ahead. She had her hands and legs broken. One side of her face was badly injured.

Hailing from a poor family her dream was shattered after the unexpected accident, as she was bedridden. Her father was an autorickshaw driver, mother a housewife and brother doing his degree.

Academically she was a blessed child. Once she started to regain her strength, her next step was to prepare for the All India Medical Entrance Examination. She never gave up. When the date neared she was hardly in a position to stand or sit. On the day of the examination, with all her strength she attended the entrance exam.

After few months on the day of result declaration, to everybody's surprise she topped the examination and got admitted in one of the top colleges. She became the talk of the town and won the hearts of many.

Do you know what is her Asset? Its her tireless smile. In an interview She said "I learnt to smile more only after this accident" which is supposed to be her strength. The reason was many of them turned their faces against her as one side of her face was little bit disfigured.

To win their confidence, she used to smile at them even when they turned away from her. According to her it gives her a positive vibe.

So what all a simple smile can bring within us is always a question mark? Most peoples keep smiling hiding their tears behind while some of them never hesitate to produce a fake or sarcastic smile.

If smile becomes the reason for one's happiness appreciate them. Some people never bother about the environment, they just find a reason to smile. May be your smile will be the strength for another to remove their pain.

A smile never makes a difference in your life but it certainly will make a difference to a person in pain. So keep smiling to boost yourself and to boost others.

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Written by   34
2 months ago
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Smiling is a really good thing. We should cultivate the habit of smiling

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2 months ago

This is one reason I love to smile daily as it gives me positive vibe. When I smile, I feel good and beautiful in me. When we smile at others too, they love it.

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2 months ago