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Effects of Communication

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2 months ago

Communication is an art, a skill where you try to present yourself as what you are and what do you need in return.

In any kind of communication clarity is a must. Image frkm by Kelly Sikkema

When a matter is communicated by one person to another and when it is being understood throughly it becomes an effective communication. But at the same time when the matter is conveyed in an improper manner, then it becomes an ineffective communication.

The language of communication is so tough that it can either break a relation or make a relation. Most of them get into unnecessary conclusions when something goes wrong resulting in an enmity.

Most relationships within the family gets strained just because the right thing is not conveyed in the right manner. To avoid such confusion make everything transparent. Recently, something happened in our family circle which reminded me to write this article.

Let me start like this. One elderly person in the family has decided to buy an asset for his dear one at a fixed rate and suggested, if the amount is more than the fixed rate the remaining can be settled by the other person. Though it was agreed initially, on the day of payment as it exceeded the fixed amount, the excess amount was refused to be given by the latter.

The reason being too many hands spoil the broth. Every person who passed through this contract gave different opinions. When one said the asset was small, the other said too expensive anď the other not upto their expectation. The end result being conflict as the idea of purchase dropped.

A silent gesture, infact, leads to a big disaster. Recently, I was watching a local series where a rich, talented and handsome guy is the dream of every girl from his college. Here, we have another lady character who is equally rich and spoilt, expects the same as the other girls in the college. She conveys the message to her mother who is a fuzzy wealthy woman.

On hearing this, the mother is very curious to meet this young man proposed by her daughter. She prepares a plan. The plan is to throw a party at her huge residence on the girl's birthday, inviting all her frienda and other big shots. There she plans to announce in public about the marriage of her daughter to that particular boy.

The party begins and the boy arrives on time. Let me introduce another character. A maid, in another words a beautiful young woman. The maid also dressed in her best attire is busy serving the guests. The spoilt girl dressed in her best outfit was happy to welcome the handsome boy with a bouquet. All these time the girl was accompanied by the maid.

And the boy's eye at once fell on the beautiful maid and unfortunately he couldn't move out staring her. But this was wrongly mistaken by the mother, who felt his glance was at her daughter who was standing beside the maid.

Thinking its a wonderful opportunity, the mother asked the boy if he wish to marry her daughter. He literally nodded his head as he was absent minded and still gazing at the maid. She smartly declared the marriage in public. The boy in turn became furious on hearing this and at once left the party which simultaneously was an insult and hurt the daughter very badly.

Such was the impact of communication out of a simple gesture.

Some exchange of information related to huge outcomes are exchanged in a diplomatic matter. May be the talk lasts only for few minutes but the response is immense with a positive approach. Here the matter is conveyed in an efficient manner. Sometimes we take more time and space to convey a particular message which deliberately fails. This is because the approach was ineffective.

Communications can even mislead a person. When too many channels are involved, the increase in confusion is more. Because as and when the messages pass from one channel to another more amount of fuel is added, resulting in an unexpected end result.

When you are in conversation with a person in mobile make sure your mind is not diverted or distracted so that the right thing is conveyed. Most often while in phone, few of us concentrate on things surrounding us and the environment where we are, whereby, we give and take a half question answer session.

If the person is an anonymous one, make sure you are interacting with the right person. Most people take advantages if they get to know you are a layman on the subject discussed.

Any result that we expect from a communication depends on the way we present. Let it be precise and to the point.

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Written by   34
2 months ago
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good communication is a must, I am also a kind of a person that is straightforward, I say what I need to say because it's a good thing for others to know what I feel.

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2 months ago

That is the qualitybof a good teacher. Kudos to you dear.

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2 months ago