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1 month ago

Let me welcome myself to this vast world of bloggers. A place where you get a chance to expose yourself, with your writing skills. Being one among you, and trying to get in par with your writing skills is not easy. Its really challenging. But would definitely make an attempt to put my best.

The biggest lesson "Unity is strength" is what I learnt from a diversified community where I was brought in a small town in India. Infact, in later years this proved to be my biggest asset as I could get along easily with anyone.

This was years ago. Born in a middle-class conservative family with two siblings, everything was not at our reach. I studied in a government recognized school. As it was a school where children pour in from lower income community and middle class community, all were treated in par and not biased. Expectations were a bit high but to be precise most of them turned out to be unachievable. So we call it either bad omen or fate. But then with all my limitations, it helped me to move forward and achieve a part of my targets. I believe all of us go through rise and fall, once in a life time. This, infact, makes us stronger in later years.

My neighbours came from different communities but with same background , we had so many things in common. Sharing and caring was one such thing. No matter how big or small you are, when problems exist we are one. Peoples take care of eachother with great respect. We had a church, mosque and temples at our place, which definitely marked the strength of unity in diversity.

The place where we lived was a government sector area. So the peoples employed were covered from almost all states in India leading a very simple and happy life in this small town. We were lucky to know and share with eachother the culture, tradition and rituals of all communities. Nearby, we had schools, market place, post office, banks, government hospitals, canteens ( from where we get few things at most affordable prices) and fish markets etc. Everything was at walkable distance. Most of them had their own bicycles, so getting things done were more easy.

In those years, 40 years back, men were the earning members of the family while the women sticked on to house chores and main aim being - bringing up children. So most children of my age were much educated because education was given prime importance in every household. Schooling was easy because it was a government school the fees was less. But not the same with college as we have to go far away to the city. It was quite expensive. In the month end I could see my father struggling to pay the fees of me and my two siblings. After so much struggle I gained a double degree in corporate secretaryship and library science. Initially I managed to get a small job with a small income until my marriage.

Today, when looking back, this was the real adventure I went through . But now Iam happily settled with a blessed family and children. Will come with more adventures. ... till then bye.

Thankyou for reading, if you had a glance.

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Written by   13
1 month ago
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