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I need someone will help me 😭

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1 year ago

Now that my earnings was stolen from unknown hacker.

I don't know if my readcash account is safe, although I did changed both passwords of my email and readcash.

Please... I'm begging you.

I'm a real person that always pursuing to get and to earned in anyways just to add some money to provide of my family daily needs like foods and other daily needs.

I don't have work for the past 2 months and in that moment, I discovered this platform and I tried it and found that these readcash platform was very helpful and friendly site.

The site Where I can earn by publishing articles.

Now I'm back to work but I didn't get yet my first salary for the past 10 days because we have payroll and i did not reach it yet.

Actually this morning, earlier, I just walked only just to get to my work place because I don't have money to pay the transportation fee.

My day on my messenger this morning

Until I got at my work place.

Everyday I keep on writing and keep interact with other people's users to earn points.

And everyday I always withdraw whatever amount of points I got here, because it helps me to buy rice in my workplace (PUREGOLD PRICE CLUB INC) using coinsph transfer funds to gcash account, I use to pay grocery using gcash.

These are my proof of payment for buying grocery. And one proof for coinsph transfer to gcash.

And you know what?

Although small amount has a value.

$1 can buy 1kilo of rice here 😭 but now I lost it 😢

I hope someone will help me using up votes. For those who was willing to help.


This is not made withdrawn by me

Here is my history transaction of my trustwallet.

0.10 I received it yesterday from @ralak for doing his task then today i received from readcash because of up votes that I already withdrawn minutes ago.

Please I'm telling the truth 😭

@Sarahmaygloria1 on twitter @Sarahmay152113 on telegram

$ 2.15
$ 1.00 from @p0oker
$ 0.59 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.50 from @ErdoganTalk
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Written by   167
1 year ago
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