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Accelerate Down the Runway and Lift.

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Once you have a flight plan or have at least the first draft of your mission statement, it's time to accelerate down the Runway and Lift off. Accelerating down the Runway of your life towards the flight plan of your mission statement requires committing to the Zigzag path to growth that we explored earlier. There will be times when you feel great and other times when you don't feel so great. Regardless, focus on your mission flight plan, and know that growing pains are simply part of your growth process. There will be hard moments, and you may feel at times that you would rather stay in bed and pull the covers over your head, but that feeling quickly fades, and you muster the courage to keep going. There may be occasional storms and turbulence in your ascent towards your mission, but don't fret, because those events are as common to man as are storms and turbulence in a commercial flight.

The hard moments in trying to achieve flight involve a pair of opposing forces—lift versus weight and drag versus thrust. The force of weight or gravity is always present, and creating lift to fly requires effort. We'll identify and examine those things that weigh us all down as well as looking at specific strategies to lift ourselves and fly towards our mission. Thrust is what moves the plane forward and drag slows the plane down. The forces of lift, weight, thrust, and drag are constantly in play during flight, and they each need to be managed. Similarly, we are trying to manage those same types of forces within our own lives.

The word lift refers to the power to rise to a new level or altitude. In aero-dynamics, when the pressure underneath the wings of a plane is greater than pressure over the wing, then lift occurs. When the skyward lift is sufficient to overcome the downward pull of gravity, the plane takes flight. When we are trying to lift our lives, we are actually trying to lift four areas:

1) Our personal lives expressed through character.

2) Our personal lives expressed through the mind and body.

3) Our relationships expressed in our family lives or private lives.

4) Our relationships expressed through our public lives or our lives in the community at large.

In these four areas it's important to understand equally what lifts us up and moves us forward in these areas, as well as to identify those things that weigh us down and create drag in our lives.


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Written by   161
1 month ago
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