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Things we must always do to stay healthy.

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10 months ago
Topics: Health tips

Good morning everyone, the day is yet another bright one that promises to be quite good for the whole of us.

Just days after my recovery from the dreaded malaria fever that had bed-tied me for some periods, i feel very strong and much more better now courtsey of your unanimous care and a constant checking up on me.

Today, i'd like to write about some of the health tips we must all imbibe if we must live a life that is disease and bacteria infection free.

Before we go fully into our discussion right away, let it always occur to us at every point in time in our lives that irrespective of how successful and how we struggle to be what we think we are today, that our health if sound, remains or should remain our top most priority, for it is said; "health is wealth".

Therefore, having said all that, i'd like to introduce us to some of the good health tips, some of which we know already and have been trying our best to be doing, while some of which we have'nt being doing because of too many things worrying us in our minds that may lead to such forgetfulness to remember to do them.


Health according to the reseach by the world health organisation (WHO), is the "state of wellbeing or the state of wellness", and anyone to be called a healthy person, must assume first, this very state of wellbeing or wellness.

However, the following fall part of the things we must be doing to ensure we are guaranteed that maximum state of wellbeing or wellness which of course is what health is revealing to us.

Brushing your teeth twice a day.

Do you know that most times, some of the decays are teeths suffer from especially at young age is as a result of we not taking that initiative to brush our teeths at least twice a day, which then leaves the teeth struggling with some left over particules of food that should have been brushed off and allow the teeth some freedom and restore a good amount of freshness in breathe to us and of course those around us.

Always ensure to brush morning before eating and at night after you would have indeed had your last meal for the day otherwise known as your dinner.

Replacing worn out brushes with new ones.

Please i do urge all of you to pay a very rapt attention to this very important aspect of brushing one's teeths.

Here, the advice according to medics is that our teeth or tooth brushes should not last for either more than 2 or 3 months with us cos if that is not done, what we get to notice according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) is a frayed and worn out bristles which will making brushing not effective anymore and a potential danger in harming our gums that forms the base rock or the sitting pavement for our teeths' alignment. Pls do ensure you take note of that.

Bathing regularly in the morning and at night.

For all we know, our bodies are made in such a way that they have sweat pores which helps us to give out water in the form of heat to our immidiate environment and this pores too can trap all forms and manners of bacteria from the very unclean and most of the time, uncared for atmosphere through some gaseous exchanges from the fumes of the carbondioxide of a car or even in a company's high chimney which directly goes into the air and mixes with it to dish out some skin corruptibles.

Even most times, dusts are raised when these mechines pass by us and the skin traps it, which often makes it look gummy when touched.

Now, if you not been doing this i.e, bathing morning and night, i'd like you do this; "whenever you are back after your day's struggles either in the office or as a market man or woman selling in motor parks, highways or shops, i qant you to first touch your skin and what you will feel is that it is gummy isn't i? "then too, put your finger in your part and touch every aspect there and then remove it to know what it looks like and from doing that".

You will then realize the full essence of bathing morning and night and especially at night which will enable you to stay fresh and healthy all through the night to the next morning when you will have the need to bath again before leaving for work.

Remember to always cut your nails to look small and neat.

Most persons these days do not see the need in cutting their nails anymore due to too many reasons that may not be farfetched.

To some, they forget to always do so, while to others, it is usually very tiring for them to do so and you may be wondering what could have gone wrong with their strenght that they just don't have the energy to cut their nails.

The reality in the nail cutting statement above is that we have more an 85% chances of putting skme bacteria in our months since what we do most often is to feed ourselves using our bare hands, like some of us that eat burgers and other snacks a lot hahaha... you leak your fingers when there are drops of that same sweethening burger on it right? Then if that is the case, when your nails are not well cut and neat, then you have a very high percent chances of contracting a disease by sucking or leaking the dirts in it directly into your uncut and unkept fingers.

Wash your hands regularly with clean water and soap.

Before now, a lot of us no longer see the need to regularly wash their hands after the day's activities but all thanks to the covid19 outbreak which has ensured that a good number of adult men and women including children now wash their hands regularly but the question is, why must that be adopted since it became part of the covid19 guidlines and protocols? A very meaningless thing to do isn't it?

Use disinfectants.

When making use of your toilets, be it your personal toilet or a general or public one, always ensure to use disinfectants to clean it up as that action would stop you from contracting any infectious diseases that the toilet can give no matter how clean it is.

Here in Nigeria, i make use of a disinfectant called dettol and isaal and they have been very helpful though a lot others have graced the market with their presence and they are good products as well.

Do ensure to apply it in your bathing water and in the toilet cistern or the sitter to give freshness and a good body and skin protection against germs.

Always bath with medicated soap.

For all we know, medicated soaps helps your skin fight off germs and removes even the trapped germs on your skin which in turn, gives you that ultumate freshness which your body deserves in order to stay healthy.

Always drink enough water.

This one is very important and should be paid more attention to since it concerns with all that happens right inside the unseen human system.

Drinking enough water helps to break balls or stones that would later go and form the jidney stones that seem so dangerous to our existence being humans and it also reduces any risk of a cancer to the body by taking it regularly and quite enough as well.

Water also eases choking from either the food eaten or other things as such and it helps in digestion too. So taking enough of it is very neccessary to our health and according to the U.S National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, about a 15.5 cups or 3.7 liters fluid or water is required a day for a man and some 11.5 cups or 2.7 liters of water of fluid per day for women ->water.

Ensure to always take enough sleep.

To sleep is an essential and integral part of the human existence and for sure, we require some energy to sleep and since there is a requirement of energy to sleep, it therefore implies that we must get enough sleep if we are to be pronouced healthy.

Here are some of the recommended sleeping periods and hours according

  1. From ages 3-5: - 10-13 hours whicch also includes short sleep like naps.

  2. Ages 6-12: - 9 to 12 hours for every 24 hours of the day.

  3. Ages 13-18: - 8-10 hours for every 24 hours of the day.

  4. Adults: 7 or more hours a night.

Looking at the above statistics of the age sleeping hours, it therefore becames very important that we individually look at the areas our ages fall into in order to know if we are in the right direction of sleep or not.

Eating well but not late at night

Having the right balanced diet is neccessary for our body metabolism but doing so at the right time is all we need to compliment the functinalities of the balanced diet we have in our food.

Late night eating can cause other side effects like indisgestion, uneccessary belching, teeth and tooth decay and more other stomach disturbances like food poisoning.

Don't kill yourself therefore, for life is very short. Always follow health tips and guidelines towards maintaining a very perfect or a near perfect health conditions while you last longer and be happy with yourself over time.

Now, is this article helpful? If yes is your answer, then tell me, what have you learnt and how do you wish to imbibe and incoporate those ones you know little or nothing at all about before into your health time table?

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Written by   82
10 months ago
Topics: Health tips
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This is a well researched health topic. Health is wealth , they say , it is when you are healthy that you think of what next to do. Washing of hands , drink enough water among others , no doubt , would contribute to ones wellness and healthy personality. Am highly impressed with your write-up. Thanks greatly for sharing.

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10 months ago

Nowdays, we are becoming so greedy that we are always busy with our material things , we need to understand that our health is more important than anything else. We should not forget about it, you just helped me to think about myself. Thank you for sharing

$ 0.00
10 months ago

It's really hard at times doing all of this because of financial issues,but Health is wealth

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Health is wealth. We better take good care of ourselves..

$ 0.00
10 months ago

You know what, you remind me of taking care of my physical self. Thanks Sam:)

$ 0.00
10 months ago

The only thing left for me among all what you listed is not using disinfectants. Perhaps I should get one now to maintain my health. Thanks for sharing.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

don't forget the mental aspect of health care. That is what you watch, what you read and how you view opinions should all be positive to be able to truly live an healthy life.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

That's really great and necessarily for us to protect us firstly and then we do something , You sre doing well and take care of yourself especially in these days

$ 0.00
10 months ago