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I welcome you all to Africa, the land of hope!

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1 year ago
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One of the greatest things to have ever happened to me in this life is that of being an African child for too many far reaching reasons that are very much beyond my human comprehension

It really makes me happy to have existed from such a lovely continent where the following also occurs and makes me happy and for which iam inviting you all non-Africans to come and join me here in this land and continent of hope.

Rising hope.

Africa for all we know, offers so much hope to everyone in it even though we've also have got our own problems too which are quite teething as well but the hope you get when you are here in Africa is really that of an awesome feelings in too many ways.

A continent free from world pandemic.

Globally, what we do hear on a daily basis are issues concerning some global pandemic like the current covid19 pandemic that originated from Wuhan in China, which seems to be ravaging persons from all parts of the world with a huge death toll and a constant recorded decline in businesses as shops and even the government owned parastatals were all locked down for some forseeable period of time.

This became very much telling on every nations economy as even the super rich(G-8 & G-20) nations became so affected that some of them almost needed a bailout to stand the test of time.

Austerity measures were taken to save nations who were ravaged by the strong effect of the covid19 pandemic so as to help restore hope to them and their economy that seems to be taking the slump by the day but here in Africa, even though there were death tolls, yet it cannot be said to be compared with those of the outside world and the main reason for this alone lies in the fact that the African harsh weather conditions rather makes it very hard for such covid19 virus to exist or last for long or survive in the midst of the African hot sun.

A continent free from Natural Disasters.

This is another lovely that is worthy of a deserved mention here in this article. Over the years, we've all heard of series of disasters across the globe of which most if not all of them are Natural disasters and not human made disasters.

Here's a list of all the natural disasters that had taken place across the space of time.

  • The 1900 great Galveston storm that seem to have taken a lot of lives and also destroyed buildings and other projects that were worth several millions of dollars.

  • In 2008, in Sichuan, an earth quake occured that took the lives of many persons.

  • What about in the year 2017, when there was a Hurricane of which people's houses, cars and humans were all whisked away in such a hilarious natural disaster.

  • Also in 1815, we also heard of the mount Tambora eruption that everywhere burning.

  • InAustralia alone in the period of 2019 and 2020, were a series of noticed wildfire that cut across the entire place and burnt virtuall every life and properties to

  • The Chinese earth quake of 2008 was yet another one that too many lives and buildings away in a twinkle of an eye.

  • We have also got the Tsunami of the 2011 where many persons also lost their lives and the more recent Haiti earthquake that almost ended an entire country and many more of them i won't be able to register here due to the absence of time.

Going by al that happenings of Tsunami, earthquake and even the wildfires, history and records have it that we as Africans have enjoyed some amount of a relative peace over such unfortunate happenings around the globe as none of the above listed periods, happened within the shores of this great continent.

A continent blessed with so much natural resources.

I'm really very proud of myself saying this cos here in Nigeria alone, we can boast of too many natural resources with which we are using to support our economy and build our nation to a greater height.

How do I mean you may aks? It is not far-fetched at all as the records are there to prove and back up my statement of facts here.

Do you know that, of all the 24 oil producing nations in the world, Africa has 5 of which Nigeria is one of the best and most refined oil producing nation of the world?

What about the resources that are gotten from the production of limestone that is used for the further production of cement?

What about the coal that are gotten from Enugu State in Nigeria and too many other God-given natural resources.

A continent blessed with the production of Agriculture.

For most parts of the less industriliazed states of Africa, Agriculture and its proceeds are said to be the main stay of the nation's economy hence much cautious efforts are put in place by the government of all African states in order to ensure that such sector is able to stand the test of time.

A continent blessed with so much African beauty and attire.

The beauties you get in Africa is so amazing that you would want to come down to Africa to have a taste of these African beauty once again.

Our African girls are known with the most decency in dressing which befits a woman and the real African culture we preach.

Below is a picture to illustrate how a typical African beauty with some lovely braided African hair and attire should look like.

A continent blessed with so much manpower

The issue of human trading and child trafficking all emanated as a result of the Berlin conference 1884 that seems to partition Africa for clonization and trade which eventually did not ho down well with all of us as many Africans were carried off as slaves to be kept in some European countries and some far away Islands where they were settled for a new world that seems quite different from what they had known of themselves.

This move was initiated in order to make use of the African man's strenght in the production of goods and services in Europe which was as at a time when technology seems a little more on the decline and when the production of robots have not even been given any thought of.

Virtually everything that was done as at that time, was done with raw energy and pure strenght that seems to be gotten only from the African man's pure natural strength that made possible and amounted to their forced slavery in the early 90's.

Even in most recent times when the use of robots have replaced many jobs, yet it is worthy of a note seeing that the need for pure natural strenght is still very much in need in undertaking some huge assignments and in Africa, you can find that.

A continnent blessed with so much good food and lovely wildlife.

The food in Africa are awesome and i wish you have a taste of thse African cuisine that are well prepared by our African mothers and young girls and of course the boys too.

These African dishes with Nigeria as an example can come in many forms and names like; Amala and ewedu, fufu and egwusi soup, tuwo shinkafa and many more lovely eaten food across the African continent.

A continent blessed with so much world renowned wildlife.

Our wildlife over the years have become a renowned center of attraction for the worrld since time immemorial as the examples of somme national parks like the Krugers national park in South Africa that houses many wildlife including lions, elephants, hipopotamus, girafee and many others too.

The Massai mara national park in Kenya is another home to some lovely wildlife like the cheetahs, the lions, the wilddogs an d many more like the elephants and girafs.

All these plus many more unmentioned national wildlife parks combine to place Africa as a beautiful country you should be proud of visiting on your next vaccation.

A continent blessed with many tourists attractions.

If you are in Africa and Nigeria per say, I will encourage you visit lovely places like the Ibadan zoo where you will get to see animals live and their behaviours as are seen on televisions too.

Then also, I would like you to also visit the Ogudu Ranch which is yet another tourist attraction centre in Calabar, a State in Nigeria for your wonderful experience of getting ever closer to nature.

Then also are these rocks: the zuma rock, the ore rock and many other rocks in Nigeria.

A continent blessed with a lot of brains and intellectuals

Mordern education was introduced into Africa by the Europeans but the realistic truth here is hence mordern education was introduced by the Europeans, yet education on its own started first in Africa as the example of the great ancient state of Egypt and that of Ethiopia would reveal to us.

Even in Africa lies a lot of men who have made their marks at the global stage and these are as follows:

  • Professor Chinua Achebe who is a noveler, a play write and a story teller was one of the too many African men to have made their marks literarilly at the global phase with his works: things fall apart, chike and the river, there was a country and many other books of his.

  • Professor Wole Soyinka was an astute and a well schooled man in the art of literary studies and over time, he was known to have won the nobel prize of literature in the Uk which is an award that was given for an academic excellence literature wise.

  • Another person is a woman known as Cisse who was a symbol of the fight that women have waged against the bastion of male world since the first early half of the 19th century. She was a Pan-Africanist activist who would later become the president of the United Nations Security Council in 1972 which is quite a remarkable thing to do.

  • Professor Chike Obi was a the first Nigeria mathematicain to hold a master degree in Maths but he made his mark when he was able to prove a 45-year old world unproved mathematical problem known as Functional Analysis using another mathematical solvings and equations called the PMI and as a result of that, his rise to stardom would forever go ahead unstopped.

And many other unmentioned ones here due to the non availability of time.

However, eventhough the events of the past and present have seem to rubbish most of the grand efforts of our founding fathers and ancestors by a hosts of these mordern comtemprorary rulers of the African states in power in mordern day politicis that seem to be governed by greed and the quest to steal and looth the treasury, it cannot be denied that Africa has had its own fair share of the spoils in the world problems today but despite all that which I belive are human induced problems, it still does not take away the right fact that Africa is the right place to be for your tourism, businesses, education and all other meaninful engagements you may find very befitting of you.

Therefore, having said all of that, I still would want to welcome you all to Africa for your next vaccation where you will experience life in a different dimension which is away from what you know annd used to.

Africa is my pride! I love Africa!! I'm a proud African!!!🙅🙅.

Would you like to take your next vacation down here in Africa in case it is your first time visiting African and experiencing all the goodies Africa has in stock, then do not forget to let me know at the comment section, good morning an d hope you had a great night undoubetedly?

Remember to do all you have to do today within laws, especially those of the covid19's laws so that you can help save yourself and everyone around you.

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Written by   82
1 year ago
Topics: I love Africa
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Indeed, I love Africa. Africa is a country that got everything, which include manpower,and natural resources and so no. I really thank God that I am from Africa

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1 year ago

You really made me to be very jealous of our dear African culture, tradition and our general ways of life. Thanks so much. This was quite revealing of whom we really are

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Africa is beautiful.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Congratulations you have a beautiful country with many riches to see and enjoy. Thank you for the invitation.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Africa is blessed. You should have added "diseases no dey kill African man"🤣🤣. I love that aspect so much. Somehow out bodies are immune to some sickness,,,,even the covid-19

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1 year ago

I love Africa. Reading this, as an African, I was thrilled start to finish.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

You are absolutely right, Africa is full of so much beauty and talents. Im proud to be an African.

$ 0.00
1 year ago