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I am down with malaria parasite

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10 months ago

Yesterday, i was badly bitten by numerous mosquitoes of which i caught and killed some of them, while most of them escaped after taking several turns on my weak bones and nerves that 9nly crave for rest at the deaf of the night when i was madly at sleep after the exhaustive day's activities were over.

The news of these blood sucking demons mosquitoes are no longer new as we especially those from the sub-sharan hot part of Africa are used to noticing everytime.

We suffer a lot in this part of the world due to so many adversaries that keeps reducing our life's span and most of these adversaries are largely blamed on a man made problems that we have been seriously induced with.

The governmental non challant attitude and irresponsibleness in line to establishing a real state that are void of all these problems is one of the major problems we are having today.

My yesterday's encounter with mosquitoes and just like every other days is really an alarming thing as I was badly bitten by these groups of blood sucking demons mosquitoes who ensured my blood became an alter of satifaction for them.

Can you just take a closer look and count the total number of mosquitoes in palm which I killed yesterday?

Why do mosquitoes survive more in Africa?

Africa, especially, the hot sub-saharan part of it is a region that allows for the breeding of these blood sucking beasts called mosquitoes.

The harsh weather condition of this part of Africa where i'm from, is known to aid and support the continous growth and stay of these mosquitoes as they need such hot envirinment for the harshing of their eggs through the blood of humans they suck and guess what, they lay as many eggs as possible in one single attempt which makes their population to multiply very rapidly in a space of a few time.

The poor environmental and geographical position of Africa.

The world has been able to realize something quite important, which is by the way of ensuring that all forms of the breeding enhancements for mosquitoes are destroyed giving the huge amount of threats to human lives they command and they (the advanced parts of the world) did this was by identifying those problem areas and then acting to establish more on putting an end to it.

Where as, Africa on the other hand due to some insensibilities and poor governmental policies have been rather deeply rooted in it and which have of course formed the basis and the yardstick for the problems of malaria we suffer till date being Africans.

Our harsh hot weather conditions supports the breeding of these dare devil mosquitoes as much as the uncared for refuse places amdist some bodies of dirty stinking water that are seen spread across every nooks and crannies within the sub-region without any reasonably found drainages is more of a disaster than what you can imagine in your widest imaginations of the mind.

What other parts of the world (the advanced world) have done to cushion the effect of mosquitoes.

The advanced countries of western Europe and North America have overtime, given a critical look into the unwanted nature of the mosquitoes and the malaria parasite disease they carry, put measures in place to tackle this problems and as such have been free from it since donkey years now even without a trace of it seen and i'm left to ponder over why the African government at all levels would seem not to want to borrow a leaf in eradicating this very teething life threatening problem we are faced with everyday of our lives being Africans.

These they(the europeans and americans) did by:

  • removing and clearing all forms of drainages which ensures an easy and a free flow of water

  • Ensuring that no body of water is allowed to stay in a particular area as that is but the main breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Ensuring and seeing to a total environmental neatness of the entire place and the removal of waste as at and when due.

It must not be forgotten however that malaria alone has killed more Africans than all the world's pandemic diseases have jointly done with a total figure of more 11million Africans dead from the contraction of malaria parasite which are being transimitted into the blood of the victim through a carrier mosquitoe called, the female anopheles mosquitoe.

Symptoms of malaria

These symptoms come in different varieties of ways depending on the structure of the body makeup and my own symptom which is how i'm feeling right now having contracted the malaria parasite this morning from the too many mosquitoe bites i received yesterday are as follows:

  • Severe head achne

  • High body temperature

  • Excessive cold

  • Catarrh

  • Pains around my abdomen

  • Some time vomiting occurs in

  • feverishness and,

  • A general body pains.

Note: all the above listed symptoms are my own symptoms which is what i'm 0assing through right now and it may not apply to some other persons. Pls take note of that thank you.

If you feel any of these or all of them just as i'm feeling right now after being bitten by these female anopheles mosquitoes, i do urge you to go right away and seek some medical advice from a local physician near you, before it affects all your body mechanism and weaken it in such a way that it won't be able to build the antebodies that will help you fight off the malaria parasite.

What you must do to ensure mosquitoes do not filtrate your house

  • Always ensure to rid your sourroundings of bushes and refuse

  • Always ensure to clean up used items and wash your toilets and other utinary facilities very clean.

  • Always apply all neccessary anteseptics for a good result

  • Avoid storing water for too long as that could form their breeding house

  • Guard your house windows and doors with nets.

  • Ensure you sleep under a medically recommended treated mosquitoe

  • Sleep under fan as it blows them off but be cautious while using the fan all the time in order to avoid contracting pneumophia.

  • Put insecticides to all the affected places around the house to reduce their population and kill them off so they won't attack you at night but be careful while spraying such as it could have some side effects as well when inhaled much.

The Goodnews!

The goodnews is that hence we in the sub-saharan Africa are potential malaria parasites carriers which are majorly caused by mosquitoes, we are now happy to hear that their drugs are very much prevalent, which means that they can be bought in all nook and cranny where you can find and hardly would you visit any pharmacist or a local drugs selling centres like the chemists without seeing different kinds of malaria drugs as the number one main drugs.

Then the second goodnews is that irrespective of how these very deadly mosquitoes multiply everyday in their numbers given their too many breeding grounds, yet, their population is also on a decline as many homes and offices have learnt these very important measures of learning to keep them out of their residences and offices alike, even at school places and the market places as well given some recent governmental consciouness in tackling those areas as key areas of interests as a result of the people's outcry and protests on such issues of a major concern.

Then the last goodnews is that all mosquitoes be it the female anopheles mosquitoes or the male mosquitoes generally have a short life span of two weeks before they die off which is a great prospect for me.

Act now and never you procastinate

Do not wait until you begin to suffer from malaria fever when you can actually do something to stop it by ensuring you follow duly, all the above mentioned measures if you must stay alive and avoid any damage to your red blood cells.

I have bought my drugs and having been taking it since this morning and do wish to hear you all wish me a very speedy and a sharp recovery from the illness at the comment section thank you.

All images are taken by me.

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Written by   82
10 months ago
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Sorry to hear that Sammy. I hope you're get well as soon as possible because being sick also means not being able to do things you used to do everyday

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10 months ago

Like seriously? The mosquitoes decided to feast on you without pitying your body 😂 Sorry about that. I hope you take your drugs too.

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10 months ago

Malaria is a killer and I those mosquitoes I could not stand when I worked in Africa. I used to keep little lizards to eat them

$ 0.00
10 months ago

So sad to get infected with malaria; mosquitoes are everywhere, and we all need to be vigilant and cure ourselves on a regular basis to avoid becoming sick.

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10 months ago

So sorrow about being down with malaria, the mosquitoes are everywhere and we all just need to be alert and treat ourselves regularly so we don't break down

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10 months ago

Too much mosquitoes, clean sorroundings is a must to avoid that huge amount of mosquitoes and to avoid catching malaria

$ 0.00
10 months ago

I had malaria once when went to visit my aunt in once it wasn't good, I didn't even know such a disease existed but that was a long time ago .... You know the worst part is that even if mosquitoes are extremely annoying we can't eradicate them because it'll damage our ecochain and a lot of creatures are dependant on them for food

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10 months ago