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Paying it forward #pif contest edition 1 - RESULTS!

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11 months ago

So you have a home here on That doesn't preclude you from joining the Hive community on the Hive blockchain where you can extend your reach and connect with another great diverse community. I happen to have Proof of Brain on the Hive as my main authorial and curation home, although I try to be as active as possible on too :-) I have just started a new contest on Proof of Brain for newcomers to the Hive and Proof of Brain and would love it if you joined me over there and took part :-)

Below follows the results of the first edition of my contest with winners and prizes detailed so you can get an idea of what it is about. The original contest post can be found on my profile.

The first Paying it forward #pif contest for new community members in Proof of Brain on the Hive has concluded and we have our winners!!!

There was some decent interest in the contest with 9 new members of the community making a concerted effort to qualify for the prize draw. Of these 9 who showed interest, 2 of them actually qualified to take part in the draw, having met the following requirements:

  1. Joined the platform on/after 1st July 2021

  2. Authored 5 articles or pro rata for time on POB

  3. Made 10 engagement comments on other member's posts

  4. Followed at least 5 other members

  5. Reblogged one other member's article

  6. Staked at least 50% of their POB tokens

  7. Made a 3-4 line comment on the contest post about their experiences since joining Proof of Brain and the Hive.

The winners of the first 2 prizes as selected using were:

1st place: @onwugbenuvictor - 25 POB (plus 3.33 Hive), a follow and reblog
2nd place: @chincoculbert 15 POB (plus 3.33 Hive), a follow and reblog

3rd prize of 10 POB (plus 3.34 Hive), a follow and reblog, for engagement went to @wrestlingdesires

The prized were switched from powered up POB to straight POB as I couldn't find a way to transfer powered up POB...I'm also relatively new here lol. Grateful if someone could provide advice on this point. I didn't want to delay transfer of prizes for this first contest so took the decision to send the POB as is and simply encourage the winners to power it up, although it is theirs to do with as they wish.

In addition to the above 3 prizes, I felt that given that the contest is still getting off it's feet, that those who had made a concerted effort with engagement on the platform and met most of the contest requirements, should get a consolation prize of 2 POB each, with one person getting 3 POB for only just falling short of being able to qualify for the draw. After all, I wanted to run this contest to support new members, not discourage them ;-)

These consolation prizes were made possible by the generous support of @corporateay in donating 30 POB to the contest, of which 15 has been used for this first edition (for consolation prizes to encourage engagement) and 15 will be used for next month's edition to boost the prize pool.

With that, the following each received a consolation prize for taking part and meeting most of the contest requirements:

@ochedi , @innovator05 , @optimistically , @funshee , @houseofdavid , @nasri11 , and @george-dee .

I am grateful to @wrestlingdesires for his engagement in the contest comments and for bringing my contest to the attention of @dreemsteem and @wil.metcalfe which resulted in an additional sponsorship of 10 Hive from @dreemsteem for this edition of the contest which has been shared between the 3 winners named above. I have also received a temporary 500 Hive delegation from @dreemsteem to help with curation of posts over the next month which will enable me to provide higher rewards to other authors for the duration of the delegation. I will continue to read widely and diversely and endeavour to upvote responsibly.

Thanks to @steevc , @dreemsteem , @corporateay , @mineopoly , @elricmoonslayer , @nonsowrites.pob , and @jaxsonmurph for their support in promoting this contest, and to all those who upvoted the posts, generating more POB to keep the contest going :-)

Please take a moment to drop by their pages and show them some love as they give tirelessly to support the community.

The following POB and Hive transfers have been made Monday evening 16th August 2021 (note photos overlap so POB transfers for consolation prizes were only made once):

New community members who joined the platform 1st August onwards can look out for the 2nd edition of this contest sometime in the first week of September. The rules of entry may be relaxed slightly but will be confirmed at the time. You know more or less what is required though, so if you want to take part, you know what to do: Join the Hive, write articles, engage with the community, power up your POB :-)

If you want some help joining the Hive, please look at the following link by fellow Hiver @ryzeonline and give him a follow if you find his 2 part beginner's guide helpful :-)

Photo credit for fireworks pic Rovenimages

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Written by   35
11 months ago
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I remember I used to join paying it forward challenges in steemit before. That was fun :) Congrats to all winners and to the success of this contest that you have.

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11 months ago

Thanks so much! I enjoyed the inaugural edition of the contest. It does take time to organise and manage but it's worth it to help to promote engagement and the right values on the platform :-)

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11 months ago

Congrats on a successful contest run. I've yet to get on POB. Tomorrow may just be the day I do that. I'd managed to write two articles today despite the fact that I'd started the day unmotivated to write. This should allow me some time to do other things tomorrow.

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11 months ago