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1 Year on | How BitcoinCash changed my life

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5 months ago

I remember on June 18, 2020 I first joined the platform! I remember I was making money on various faucet sites! Then I watch a video about on YouTube which uploaded by @Arnavaria sister. She taught me everything about She gave me idea about BotcoinCash.

I remember when I join in there was a point system. If you write an article you get 20 points and if you comment on an article you get four points. fund was only $12k when I joined the I also remember that due to low money on fund, our admin had to make it difficult to make regular payments. But all the problems were removed by Marc De Mesel sir.

He then donated $28k worth of BitcoinCash to the platform and make the fund worth $40k. We were very happy because our daily payments almost doubled. By writing one to two articles per day as well as through comments we would be able to raise about 70 to 80 points which worth almost $0.40 or $0.50 worth BitcoinCash. Almost all of us worked hard from morning to evening writing and were very happy with what we got at the end of the day.

At that time it was very difficult to get 30 to 40 cents bitcoin cash at the end of the day but now it is totally different.

I remember when I first joined the platform I had a total earning of $13 worth BitcoinCash in the first month. The following month, my earnings increased slightly to $20 worth of BitcoinCash.

It has increased a bit since then but is limited to $20 to $25 BitcoinCash as it is almost impossible to earn more than $1 per day.

My account is 2 months old then how I become 1 year older user?

You would be surprised to see my account because my account is only two months old so how come I have been here for one year! But I never said the age of my account is 1 years, I said I stay in the for one year! :) I had an old account though it was ruined for some reason! And the reason was a bad word against spammers. The admin banned my account for one bad word. There was no warning which caused me a lot of grief. Then I opened the account and continued my writing but unfortunately the new bot is not visible in any post on my account. That made me a little discouragement, but later I thought it was important to keep my writing going. So I resumed my writing through this article after one month.

Flashback 2020 (Some golden memories on

If we talk about the memories of the last one year, it can be said that there are memories in some of them are-

  1. @micropresident 's meme contest- I had no idea about Bitcoin Cash before, but when Micropresident started a meme competition for Bitcoin Cash, I researched about Bitcoin Cash learn and tried to win some BitcoinCash reward! Yeah! That day I won maximum amount of BCH in one day. And that was $1 worth BCH. You may know before earning was so hard.

  2. Leaving admin from the platform- The micro president's meme contest was to make fun of one! But that was against the law. The admin himself violated his rule by giving the answer to the president. So he banded his account to break his own rule.

  3. Creating arts- Drawing articles were very popular at that time. I couldn't draw before but later I learned to draw slowly. Gradually I learned to draw beautiful pictures. I remember Miss @Hanzell always appreciating my drawing. If you ask me who is your best person in then I will definitely mention her name. She was the best person I have ever meet in She is also a great artist. <3

  4. Earn points everyday- We had a number of users who competed daily to earn points. Every day we had to give a screenshot of the points we got and later we would use those screenshots to write a new article again. That was fun.

  5. Arranging and participing in a contest- It was a lot of fun arranging the contest and participating in the contest at that time. The platform seemed to be a lot of fun for different types of contests which is definitely a lot more fun than Facebook-Twitter. I remember @Jdine organizing a song contest! I participated in that singing contest for the first time and sang myself! Although singing was very difficult and my voice was very bad. Which is why I was disqualified before the competition could go too far haha.

    At that time we used to have a lot of fun through short posts. Just look at that short post stat! That time we made as! We posted 1200+ short post per day. And this happened between September to October!

  1. Commenting experiment- In the past, if someone wrote an article, the user would hardly be available to read that article. Then the admin looked for a way to increase the number of comments on each article. So then he started experimenting with a comment. The experiment was such that if someone read an article and commented, they would get some tips for each comment. The experiment lasted for about a month and was later removed. Because most users start spamming. If you look at the grafted, you can see how much the number of comments increased at that time. Increased from just 400 to 500 comments to about 40,000 comments! Just incredible. Maybe from that experiment Admin thought about!

The way BitcoinCash changed my life-

I wrote almost 400+ article in last one year. I earn more then 3 BCH although I sold them out at December 2020. When the BitcoinCash price was $250! I got total 60k Taka which approximately equal to $600+

1.2 BCH and I sold rest of them!

I sold all my bitcoin cash because I needed some money. I didn't have a good phone so I needed a phone for article writing. I buy a phone and a laptop to sell all my BCH! But I regret after sold all of BCH at low price. But shouldn’t forget that I haven't anything, because of and BitcoinCash I able buy my new phone and a laptop. :)

I bought new laptop with 2 BCH worth Taka
I used 1 BCH for purchases this phone! When BCH price was $250

Besides, Bitcoin Cash has changed my life in many ways. The situation in our family was very bad when I returned home from university for pandemic situation. But Bitcoin Cash has helped my family get better! I used Bitcoin Cash to buy my father's medicine. Although I had to swap BitcoinCash to my local currency. But I hope that our country is going to legal all kinds of cryptocurrency soon including BitcoinCash.

What I did for BitcoinCash!

Although I couldn’t do much for Bitcoin Cash, I tried hard enough from my own position. I have tried some of the purposes for which the website was created!

  • Adopting BCH in our country

Although it is illegal to use any type of cryptocurrency in our country, but we some friend have tried a lot to spread BitcoinCash among the public.

My friend Niloy and I made some bitcoin cash craft to spread BitcoinCash awarness among random people!

Write the names of all Bitcoin Cash related websites on the back of each of my crafts. Then we deliver them to some random people.

  • Invite friends

In one year I have invited lots of friend in and! I had more then 20 affiliates in my old account in Unfortunately I can't show them because my account got banned. I also invited in more then 30 friends of mine.

Then think, if someone invite more then 30 user then how rapidly spread BitcoinCash awarness. <3

My highest tip-

Everyone on this platform has a high tip from someone! Yeah I also got one tip that is my highest tip in life. And tip was came from our most generous person @MarcDeMesel sir.

That $10 was my lifetime highest tip from sir. <3


In the end I will say that as long as the Bitcoin Cash and platforms are available, I will stay with this platform and BCH and continue my writing. Whatever the bot notice me or not. Because this site is my first life changing platform.

And the man @MarcDeMesel changed everyone’s life here.


See my BCH related articles.

Half of the day I passed by seeing BCH price

March month give me 0.18 BCH


1 BCH goal

Since January, I have taken up a new challenge, which is to reach one BCH! Sadly even after 6 months I still couldn’t reach 1 BitcoinCash. It will be very challenging when you stay away from Unfortunately, I stay away from tip about 3 month's! Although I didn’t stop writing. See here how much article I have written last 6 months! Although I write it all article in my native language then I translate into english.

Here is my last six month's article. I wrote almost 100+ article

All of them are articles!

Thank you for giving me your time :) Hope you spreding BitcoinCash awarness in your city :)

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Written by   30
5 months ago
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Yooo Sajib, Happy Anniversary to you in, it's just sad that your old account is gone now. But at least you already used your earnings to buy what you need and that's more important right 😁

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5 months ago

Yeah, that's right.. But I also need my account get tipped :( It's already 2 months old account

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Happy anniversary brother. So sorry to hear about your old account. It's nice to see another testimony from a long time user of the site.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Thank you brother.. Yeah, I'm old user here but lost my old account

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Happy anniversary to you here at, I'm a newbie here and reading your articles gives me inspiration that it really takes time to achieve our goals here. More articles to come to you

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Thank you.. Yeah I'll write more :)

$ 0.00
5 months ago

It is my first time to read your articles....i know you in i comment on you post sometimeS in noise cash Happy 1 year to you😊

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5 months ago

Yeah, I remember you.. Thank you for appreciate :)

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5 months ago