Pi Network users, do this before it's too late.

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2 years ago

There are some problems that some Pioneers had when they switch their Pi account to a new phone. This is one of the early problems Pi Network has had since the beginning. One of the problems is once they switch phones and they forgot to log out from the previous phone and when they're trying to login in the new phone, it's almost impossible to recover the account. So let's tackle about one of the ways you can prevent this to happen to you and this article is mainly for the new members and some of the all members who don't know what to do when they want to change their account to the phone.

Be a verified user.

The first thing you're supposed to do before switching phones is make sure you have verified Facebook or phone number and make sure you have a password setup.

I've seen a couple of members on Twitter, Facebook and other social media groups asking how to recover the account because when they tried to log in with the new phone, it says that account or ID is already used and it's impossible for them to recover the account. The first thing these members should do is to make sure you keep the same phone number and if possible keep the same sim card.

If you are outside of the United States, use Facebook to verify account. If you are in the United States, verify account with phone number, set up a password and you are ready to go.

So make sure you log out from your old phone before you try to switch to a new phone. That is the most important thing.

Make sure to finish the mining session before logging out.

If you are planning to transfer your account to a new phone, make sure to finish first the mining session because if your mining session hasn't finished and you try to log out, you're going to lose those coins.

KYC and using Pi.

Now let's know more about KYC and the ability to use Pi to buy goods and services inside the Pi app.

That will happen once Pi core team adds tabs inside the Pi app. Some of the questions many pioneers always asked is when are they going to be able to transfer Pi and the answer is most likely in Phase 3, but there will be other ways that you're going to be able to transfer Pi to buy goods and services inside Pi app. Because as some of you remember, the Pi core team announced couple months ago that they were going to add tabs inside Pi app so that way people can play games to earn Pi or buy goods and services. That way you'll be able to transfer it when the owner of the tab is offering a service or a product and they are going to send you the amount of Pi you are supposed to pay and all you have to do is press the accept button. So that way the transfer can happen.

You still can't send Pi to a friend.

There is no way you can transfer Pi to a specific person or account. Only IAT pilot members can do it at this moment and there are about 300 members in the world.

Another way for you to buy goods and services as today and you don't need KYC or IAT is by joining in the community the Pi lifestyle. In that community, you will have a backer, a person who will pay for you in order for you to get the products and services so they are going to send Pi for you and in the future when you pass KYC and IAT, you pay back your backer all the Pi borrowed.

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2 years ago


Thank you for info,I must check out my account and do what you wrote.

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2 years ago

Di pa ata ako verified eh 🤦‍♀️

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Facebook at number lang yan, bahala ka baka Jan tayo yayaman 😂😂

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