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Good morning my fellows friend on readcash, it's been a while here have been busy with a lot.....

Wow Today is the last Monday in the month of November, this morning I want us to be grateful to God for life, let's forget about what we have not achieve this year and focus on what he has done so far🥰🥰

So today I will be talking on PROCRASTINATION....procrastination means to delay or postpone something,also to delay something to another time....

What are the causes of procrastination?

1 FEAR:Fear means to be afraid or scared of something, sometimes we are afraid to start that particular thing we love to do,we keep procrastinating..we are even afraid that that we will fail...on the other hand it may be fear of rejection thinking that we will be rejected by our friends if we start that one thing we love...let's put away fear and stop postponing what you ought to do...I want to know that ""If you want to conquer fear, don't sit at home and think about it but go out and get busy

2 HELPLESSNESS:Is the state of needing help..When there is no help anywhere,we think of giving up and even procrastinating,no you don't have to give up on yourself take the bold step and do the needful without anyone help ... You have to take responsibility for your own life,don't blame your friends or family that didn't help you..

3 MOTIVATION:When there is lack of motivation..We want to motivated before we start that plan or that work.. You have to motivate yourself

4 WHEN THERE IS NO FOCUS:Lack of focus can also procrastination.. When there is distraction from friends,movie, internet and family..all you have to do is to ignore them, disconnect your self from them if you have to and focus on what you ought to do .Find a very calm and quiet place where you can focus on that plan or works

5LAZINESS: Sometimes what we ought to do,we won't do it because of laziness...we feel Time is still on our side..So we should do away with laziness and remind yourself of the consequences of not doing what you are supposed to do...



Create a Schedule:You have to plan with time cause time wait for nobody.. always set up reminders in your calendar,plan your time well

Change your mindset. Stop thinking you can't do it..Stop thinking as a procrastinator. Set your mind right, speak positive, think positive and feel positive..

In Conclusion, Beware of procrastination, Yesterday has gone forever. Tomorrow may never come. But today is within your reach what are you doing with it.. Procrastination is a common enemy which every man must conquer.Let me remind you that life is a check board and the player opposite you is time..If you hesitate to move or neglect to move promptly, your life will be wiped off the board time. Therefore make use of your time judiciously,time wait for no man......

Thank you for reading

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