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The Irony of Donating through BTC Addresses

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1 year ago

Have you ever seen your favorite mod in Minecraft has a BTC donation address? Or your favorite service actually allowing cryptocurrency purchases yet all they have is just BTC?

You probably have, and you've probably also asked for a Bitcoin Cash address. Most of the time they'll give you the BTC address still, so you'll have to explain the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

When that happens, you'll have to find a way to show the major difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, of course.

At the end of the day, though, you might realize some of the things that made them add BTC addresses to their sites and might have a soft laugh. Who knows.

The Greatest Irony?

The irony of having a BTC address for donations is that most of the time, they're not really trying to get BTC, or if they did, it was in the way that they know. They're not aware of Bitcoin Cash, and they're also not aware that transacting now costs an average of $10.

By trying to bypass traditional donation methods using BTC, they're just going to make their donators lose money more by asking for donations through BTC.

BTCers Doesn't Like Donating.

For those who want to get donated in Bitcoin, they have a problem and that's that Bitcoiners aren't a bunch of altruistic beings. They use Bitcoin to trade and get more money from trading and investing.

These Bitcoiners aren't like Bitcoiners from pre-2017 where everyone actually gives out tips and showed the beauty of Bitcoin as-is like how Bitcoin Cash is currently being developed. Back in the day, there was no competition, only Bitcoin and its strengths on how it can become money.

In essence, to the Bitcoiner's eyes, if you have a BTC address, you're begging. They won't give you your BTC unless they can endure the fees, and there's not much really to see in that regard.

There is Only... XMR?

No, not really. If the guy you want to donate with hasn't given set up a BCH address, then they're not worth it. If you want to donate through other coins, that's fine, really.

I suggest, if the guy doesn't have BCH or BTC, that the guy have XMR. At least those coins will really be theirs.

Get in Contact with Them!

A thing with these people who have BTC addresses as their way to earn via donations means that you can actually have a chance on making them get BCH. Of course, you have to make sure that you actually contact them, because if it takes a long while, no one will notice that you want to donate via BCH.

If you really wish to donate BCH, you need to show why it really is worth it to make them have a BCH address more than anything else. This is really helpful to people who don't have things like PayPal or Patreon, and this is also helpful to those who want to try getting Bitcoin Cash.

Spread BCH via Links

Since the fact that is now dead, the best course of action is to use the wallet's Sharable Links function. By using it, you also show them how fast and few the transaction fees needed to pay for Bitcoin Cash, and you can show them how fast it truly is.

Epilogue - Stubborn Unless Big Cash?

These Bitcoin addresses used for donation may have money, or may not have money. Of course, when you see that they did get money, it means that someone is actually using Bitcoin and is enduring the fees.

You should ask for these address holders to get a Bitcoin Cash address so they can fully control it, and those that really wanted to donate can find a way to get low fees as they send it. It can also have a side effect of letting the guy being donated trade it to BTC if they wished.

All we really have to do when someone posts a BTC address as their donation address is to show how bad they're going to make their fans pay with the fees and teach them the alternative of Bitcoin Cash.

Show why it is valuable. Offer them why you think it is valuable.

And above all, make sure that the guy enjoys having it.

Anyhow, this is a short post.

I really, really need to stop making 3-minute long articles.

This is Rowan, singing off.

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Written by   185
1 year ago
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