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Bitcoin Cash, What is Your Value?

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1 year ago

You know, something to think of when we're promoting is that we should show the value of the item we're promoting.

People want to buy bags that are expensive and long-lasting, something to show off with. People want to buy the best game so they can show and play with others that this is the game they want. People want to earn money without doing any work at all.

So, when Bitcoin came along, people found it as a way to earn money fast by simply holding it and using it for their transactions, but then why should they when they cannot use it properly?

What is Bitcoin Cash's value to those who have seen Bitcoin?

How do we share the things that make Bitcoin Cash great?

Bitcoin Cash is Great for Transactions!

It's not just because it has low fees or anything.

Bitcoin Cash is great for transactions because it is a product to allows people to transact on the Internet. Back in 2008, people weren't sure if they were transacting securely. There wasn't as much use of things like PayPal back, and the stock market crashed in 2007-2008 due to multiple cascading effects of the large economy becoming too large.

However, in the cypherpunk world, there was a person named Satoshi Nakamoto, and he showed his friends a process to transact peer-to-peer using cryptographic hashes to secure the transactions.

And thus, in January 2009, Bitcoin was born.

And in 2013, Bitcoin began changing from the original goal.

And in 2017, a set of miners activated a small contingency plan.

And now, Bitcoin Cash is that contingency plan in action, doing what was supposed to have happened back in 2013.

Right now, cryptocurrency has been beaten so much that it is now just a bunch of speculation, but Bitcoin Cash is still going strong outside of these fields and growing stronger every day.

Bitcoin Cash is really just a program that allows you to transact worldwide, making it a currency and giving it value more than simply trading it.

Bitcoin Cash is Great for Technological Advancements!

Bitcoin Cash is different from Bitcoin for being technologically up to date, unlike Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV.

The blocksize debate really just went for one simple question, and that is:

"Can Bitcoin scale?"

The answer, obviously, is yes. The reasons how, however, split the community apart.

And now, BTC has 1MB blocks, BSV is having stupid-high blocks that every big block is a chance for breaking and splitting the coin.

How about Bitcoin Cash?

Cash is cash, obviously.

  • More users of cash mean more transactions.

  • More space to put those transactions means better programs to handle more transactions.

  • Optimized programs to ensure those transactions get to blocks mean more transactions.

  • Optimized programs decrease memory usage which allows even more transactions to be validated.

  • Optimized programs also allow people to develop on Bitcoin Cash so it can grow more.

So, when someone asks if Bitcoin Cash is something to be looked into, don't point to the price. Point to the fact that it's a fully working program that allows you to make the price.

Bitcoin Cash is Great for Helping the Environment!

This one's a silly premise, but there is truth in this statement. You see, Bitcoin Cash has been created to prevent a total downfall when fewer miners mine Bitcoin Cash and validate your transactions. This also means that even with fewer miners, you also still can able to get your cash working everywhere without burning out your RAM's space because you have too many transactions at your mempool (Bitcoin) or you're unable to get a proper blockchain because the blocks have become invalid indirectly (BSV) or by developer selection (BCHA/eCash).

With low fees and an average confirmation time, you can definitely send and the other immediately receive.

Bitcoin Cash is Great for Saving!

Bitcoin's main and only driving force is the fact that scarcity raises prices. But then, if you remove why the price is rising, all you have is 2017-level technology with a useless piece of numbers on some algorithm-created set of numbers and letters.

However, trying to also move Bitcoin also makes you lose more than HODLing.

Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, doesn't make you lose thousands of dollars for a single transaction, especially when your previous transactions are already too many. After all, the fees are calculated on how many coins you've received, how many outputs you want to send (usually two), the metadata of that transaction (the time you created it, the hashes from the inputs, etc.), and uses the size of your transaction to give you your fees.

This means that when your fees are suddenly 5000 sats/ 0.00005 BCH, it means your transaction is 5000 bytes big and you need to shrink it by choosing fewer transaction inputs. You can get to it by simply getting lots of tips.

If, however, you decided to have that large of a transaction on Bitcoin, the wallets will have to calculate what isn't supposed to be calculated (the number of fees needed for you to get to the next block) and then give you higher than 5000 sats/0.00005 BTC. It can go as high as 1 BTC. Heck, 0.00005 BTC alone is two dollars. Do you want that high of an amount already gone?

Unlike Bitcoin's HODL thing, Bitcoin Cash's Spend and Replace method is more helpful in saving your money.

And then we're going to that point in time where people are gonna update the transaction format to allow more things at once. Lucky us!

Epilogue - Bitcoin Cash doesn't have 1 Node

It has six.

It means that Bitcoin Cash has six points of failure and five redundant full nodes that can replace one when something is going wrong with their nodes.

It also doesn't mean you have to be alone in using Bitcoin Cash.

Spread the word, and show that Bitcoin Cash's value is that because it works. It works, and it's a currency, and you can send more money than you have ever held in the banks, and even in your banks, the cash you have is steadily losing value.

So, Bitcoin Cash, your value is being the cash.

Well, that's good enough for me.

Is it good enough for you?

This is Rowan, signing off.

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Written by   185
1 year ago
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Yeah, I feel that the last bull run was exciting because lots of people were making lots of money, but this bull run is different because it "confirms" the paradigm-shift and makes people aware that crypto isn't a bubble. Sound crypto like Bitcoin cash only have to win with this new rocket to the moon :D - and we, by extension.

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

Using and transacting with Bitcoin Cash is a very good indication that BCH will survive the criticisms as undervalued crypto. The important thing is that its a usable one.

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1 year ago