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Bitcoin Cash Users, What Should You Offer?

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1 week ago

The whole world knows that Bitcoin is weird, it's new, and it caused some news-worthy things back in its heyday. Today, it's now being used as a major investment, and its original goal is now in the hands of Bitcoin Cash, which is heavily shunned, censored, and mocked.

Of course, for the uninformed, they will see it's just a coin trying too hard but the price value is too low.

But for the informed, we know what Bitcoin Cash really is, and the price doesn't matter at all. After all, it is weird for something to get a lot of developers unless there is a hidden value past the price, right?

So, as a Bitcoin Casher, what should you offer so others will know what it really is?

It all comes down to three things that you need to show to others on why choose Bitcoin Cash.

  1. You can use it in your day-to-day life.

  2. You can gain more using it than using fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

  3. You can transact around the world without needing unnecessary details.

However, you can't do that without physically holding Bitcoin Cash or using it as it is meant to be.

Now, let me explain everything.

You Should Offer Your Proof that You Can Use It Everyday

One of the things that cryptocurrencies have right now is the fact that they are mostly speculative in nature. Their prices are based on outdated technical predictions based on actual stock market movements, and most speculators and traders don't even realize that some of their coins they're "investing" in are scams or prototype coins that merely managed to try to get a foothold on the world.

The Bitcoin name itself has been tainted, but not tainted enough, as by showing you have Bitcoin Cash, other non-cryptocurrency users will get their interest piqued.

Using this curiosity they have, you should then show why you hold Bitcoin Cash. You can start small, by tipping your favorite stores or even giving tips on people that you really like. You can collect then show your history to a select few on things you have bought using Bitcoin Cash.

By showing you can use it every day, you show your local community how Bitcoin Cash can help their day-to-day lives.

Explain Why You Can Gain More Using Bitcoin Cash

When people think of cryptocurrencies, they think of investing their money into something, and that means they follow the price more than its usage. But, if they start to do their own research, things will get trickier and they will simply abandon the prospect of cryptocurrency investment.

This is where you can come in. You should explain the technicalities in the clearest way possible on why you use Bitcoin Cash, and why you're undeterred about its price. Explain more the true prospect of "store of value", and how you need to be able to move your cryptocurrency to be able to effectively use your stored value.

Explain how private keys and seed phrases are just like your normal keys, and you shouldn't give them to anyone else. Explain how 1 Bitcoin Cash automatically makes you one of the richer of the users of the blockchain, and explain in simple terms how Bitcoin Cash works. No need to use complicated terms.

Now, if you were to explain things to people who have used other cryptocurrencies, make sure to ask first if they have their own wallets, or are they using ones given by exchanges. Ask if they know what each coin does if they own their own wallets, and then give them the best of luck.

However, if they are using exchanges for their wallets, have caution. Explain carefully why Bitcoin Cash is more valuable than Bitcoin that they can test it for themselves. If you cannot convince them, then simply give them the best of luck.

By showing that Bitcoin Cash has more value than other cryptocurrency tokens, you show that you care for it, and you share that you care for others as well.

You Should Explain How You Can Transact Worldwide

Bitcoin Cash is, at heart, a peer-to-peer program that allows you to transact worldwide. It means you don't need anything, just an address, and your Bitcoin Cash.

Explain to those who are more curious how you don't need to send it through services like UPS or financial service to send your Bitcoin Cash. You just need to keep it simple, short, and precise.

Explain to them how Bitcoin Cash works like streaming websites, or the World Wide Web itself, on how once you can press/swipe send, it will immediately get sent to the other side of the world.

Explain how Bitcoin Cash's confirmation is something akin to PayPal validating your payment through your banks and your market.

By showing the global reach of Bitcoin Cash, show your friends and family the proof that you can send them money without going through thousands of channels.

Epilogue - What Should I Really Offer?


Show your friends and family how you know how to use Bitcoin Cash as it is meant to be.

You cannot simply give something you don't have. The same thing works with your knowledge. You can't teach them how to use Bitcoin Cash without actually knowing how it works.

As for why you should simply give those who already know about cryptocurrency good luck? Well, they're not the target audience.

I wish you all good luck and farewell until the next article.

This is Rowan, signing off.

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Written by   173
1 week ago
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