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Stay Away From Reddit, Promote BCH to the 99%

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1 year ago

This is something of an informal announcement, but it is still an announcement nonetheless for those who are really into market adoption via merchant usage, especially for those who are active on the internet.

This is me saying that you shouldn't head to Reddit at all, but then it is all on you.

Now you might ask, why are you telling me to stay away from Reddit?

That is a good question with a very complicated answer. Reddit was one of the main communities where Bitcoin and cryptocurrency flourished, you see.

If you search for Bitcoin over Reddit, you'll find two subreddits, r/Bitcoin, and r/BTC. On itself that is already a sign that something is very wrong, and it is a sign that you should avoid it.

Now, you might ask, what is Reddit?

Reddit is made up of communities, and these communities have special parts of the site called a subreddit. Each subreddit has a special feature or design based on the ones who use it.

There are subreddits for your country, your country's flag, your country's political mess, coronavirus reports, your latest memes, your NSFW artwork, and cryptocurrency, and other fandoms.

Everyone can create a subreddit, but once you have created it, you cannot rename it. You can see misspellings on certain subreddit names and it will still be misspelled.

Now, how about r/BTC and r/Bitcoin?

r/Bitcoin was the original place where all Bitcoiners used to talk until one u/theymos decided to ban everyone who decided to disagree with the fact that big blocks are good. Those banned members soon became part of r/BTC.

When a certain group of miners created a special Bitcoin fork, the big blockers took it, and thus Bitcoin Cash was born.

Except it wasn't that easy.

You see, if you ever mention Bitcoin Cash on any internet space except for parts where Bitcoin Cash is used, there will be smear campaigns making it look bad. And these campaigns are highly effective.

Now, why stay away from Reddit? Because r/BTC is in a constant state of war against trolls and idiots who think that BCH is a scam and the ones that continue on the work, developing plus those who keep themselves as a wall against the trolls.

You can use r/BTC to show that you've managed to create adoption, sure, but one way or another you will see a comment that simply doesn't like that Bitcoin Cash is being adopted.

Now, you might wonder to yourself, if I'm telling you to stay away from Reddit, then what should I do?

That is going to be your answer. But I recommend spreading the word of Bitcoin Cash and get your favorite shop to add it to their storefront. Be a consistent customer and show others that you are handling it better than anyone else who is misinformed of what Bitcoin is.

Bitcoin, after all, isn't supposed to be an investment coin, yet here we are. Bitcoin Cash took over when Bitcoin failed.

Anyhow, that was the last I was able to write at the moment. I might write about how 0-conf works. But right now? I'm studying. Hopefully to be able to create a video game powered by Bitcoin Cash.

This is Rowan, signing off.

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Written by   185
1 year ago
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