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Few of you know that I am from the Levant and from Syria in particular, and from the city of Safita, one of the most beautiful and oldest existing cities My city is very beautiful, and the climatic laws are moderate, in which the sea, the mountain, and the river It has beautiful and steadfast archaeological areas so far It has development, and there are different cultures and religions, and everyone coexists in love and peace I will now talk about the most important archaeological landmark that we have, which is the Safita Tower It is about 40 meters high and was probably a defensive station

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It had several names, including Burgas the White Palace, or it was called Bianque Chasti the White Fort These names were given during the Crusades It is called the White Tower because of its white limestone

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The tower is also surrounded by a large wall, but a section of it was destroyed due to some earthquakes that struck the area, but the tower remained in a sound condition, and this is an indication of the quality of its construction, to be actually a defensive fortress. It consists of two floors The first floor is a church in which the religious practices of the city’s Christians are carried out. It is very beautiful from the inside and the drawings inside are an art that the tongue cannot describe.

Also, the first floor is made up of semi-circular vaults, the doors of which lead to vaults that reach a water tank dug into the rock that has been backfilled. As for the second floor, there are only some windows overlooking the far horizon

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I hope to see that some day. For it to still be standing until now indeed says a lot about it.

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Safita is one of the most beautiful and wonderful cities and I really love it, and I love the tower, as well as its nice residents

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