Love isn't scam

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YOUR VOICE,is a chilled Yoghurt

It calms my nerves,

To my soul, it's an icing on cake,

It melts every anger,

It spreads happiness on my face,

Like butter on bread.

What do I do?

When the chills flurries through my body,

When all that comes to mind is to snuggle,

Like a Ragdoll cat.

When all I want is lip locking,

And let them do the talking.

Could this really be love?

When I caress the image on my wall,

And blush a million times,

While walking the length and breadth

Of my house during FaceTime.

Could this really be love?

When all I desire is to be yours only,

Kya karoon haaye? ( What do I do?)

Kuch kuch Hota hai.( Oh, something strange is happening)

Love is a beautiful thing, when you are with the right one. I'm sure you might have heard of this phrase "Love is scam". Yeah, to those betrayed and dumped, love is a big scam. To those cheated on, abused by their lovers, love nah big scam.

Also, to those cherished, adored, cared for and loved wholeheartedly,love is a beautiful thing.

People, especially teenagers do mistake love for infatuation and at the end, say love is scam. Before approaching that lady, be sure you are not attracted to her because of her looks only, make sure it's pure love and not infatuation.

When people mistake infatuation for love, after some months or weeks, they tend to show attitudes that might not like. Infatuation tends to happen quickly and involves a strong attraction,but Love is a deeper experience of knowing someone fully and caring about them in a special way.

Infatuation doesn't last long,unlike love. When you love, you trusts your lover completely, accept them for who they are, accepts imperfections and is not selfish. Infatuation on the other hand doesn't last long,no trust, all about sex, no commitment, and do not accept imperfections.

When you date someone you are infatuated with, it might end on tears. Why? Cause it's not love. And maybe after weeks of going out together, you may start to feel like your partner isn't really that beautiful or smart. Then the thoughts of getting another partner sets in, which leads to cheating or break ups.

Instead of shaping your man or woman into that person they want, they'll start complaining and comparing.

But, if it's true love, the goal will be to turn my woman or man into the person they want, they'll embrace the fact that there partner is not perfect and help them become better.

When there's true love, everything becomes so perfect like in the movies. The attention and care will be priceless. Be sure it's not lust,or infatuation before approaching that lady, so you won't say love nah scam, at the end.

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I'm guessing your inlove? Hehe yes true love cannot be broken easily, it just saddens me to see that cheating is the number one reason of break-up from decades ago until now.

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1 year ago

Saddens me too, I don't know why people won't stop cheating. And yes, I'm in love 🥰

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1 year ago

That's the true say behind true love dear ♥️

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1 year ago