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Works that you should try while you are at Home during Pandemic

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6 months ago

During this kind of situation, Everyone are suffering because we cannot have money to survive for everyday living. Pandemic cause a lot of people life in trouble and it is very difficult to survive.

So, In this article we will going to talk about some works that can help us for everyday living so that everyone lifestyle can be improved again because we all know how much we suffer and we spend a lot of money.

So now, What are those Works that we should try to earn some money while we are at Home?

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  1. Vlogging- While we are at Home, this is the best job that you should try. In Creating a video and share to your viewers if what you will share to them. This is the best and one of the most earning job at home to everyone. Because you can just:

    • Create your own Video - in creating video, this will show your skills in editing and how you can make your viewers or audience like or enjoy your video.

How to do Vlogging?

In vlogging, you just need some Computer or Laptop, camera, applications that you will need to your video editing, time and effort to think carefully about a content that you want to share to your viewers or audience.

In doing Vlog at home, since you cannot go out due to this pandemic, you can also able to do a Video and share your experience during this kind of situation, you can share some tips in how you fight bored in your house, you can share your cooking skills or talents while you are video your self.

Actually, Vlogging is like blogging too. You can share everything that you want however, it is just depends to you if what are the contents that you would like to do to gain subscribers and viewers.

In this time, I saw a lot of people doing vlogs and they are new in Vlogging because they just have a small subscribers and viewers. Because Earning subscribers and viewers in Youtube can make you earn money.

However, Doing Vlog can take some time to earn money because it is difficult to enteract with your viewers and subscribers. Because I experience doing that (Vlogging) before because I am not pretty so I don't have enough viewers so I deleted my account in Youtube.

In students, Vlogging is very thumbs up to them because they can do Vlogging while they are at school or everywhere. They can share their everyday moments in their life but not just students but everyone who will do a Vlogging can consider that at a memories and maybe they can watch their self in the future and turn their memories back in that time. However, Vlogging now to students can be also their job so that they can earn some money for their study, and to help their family.

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  1. Online Selling- Online selling is one of a job work that we can do in this kind of situation. Because we can earn a small amount of money too and it can help you to buy some food for your family in every week. In online selling, you cannot just be a reseller to others who are doing online selling too but you can start your own business. How?

Ways to Earn in Online Selling:

  1. By the Help of Application stores you can search the things that everyone needed in this kind of situation. Because things that needed in this kind of situation is the best to sell to everyone because everyone is in needed.

  2. If you are have a Skills in

    a.) Cooking- cooking can also help you to earn money because everyone is also needed some foods esp. to those people who are cannot have some foods sometimes due to delay of groceries in their houses.

    b.) Arts- you can also use your skills in painting, or anything that related to arts. Because this can also help yoi to earn money too because we have some people that are doing re-build some houses and they needed some designs to their house.

  3. You can Build your own Store because everyone cannot go out in their houses, they are scared going to everywhere because they know that they are not sure if where is the places are safe or not. You can start your own Store in your house so that, you can earn money because your store is near to them so when they needed some thing, they can just buy to you.

By the Help of Social media, You can post your items or things that you are selling. So that, everyone can be aware in your products and they will buy to you and you can earn some money.

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  1. Accepting Laundry- if you are good at washing clothes you can also earn money by accepting laundry because we have still some people who are busy or cannot do washing their clothes. In our Province, we have some people who are looking for people who can do laundry jobs because they are also a busy person. They cannot do it because they have some children to look at it or they cannot do it because they have some online works. This work can also help you to earn money because they can give you 500 peso or $23.57 usd and maybe it is enough to add and give to your parents as an help for food and or your food with your family.

We can also have some Online Jobs that suitable to you it is depends in your skills and your capability.

Job Search Tips:

  1. Search a Online Job that can and will fit you- in searching online job, you should think carefully if you can do the job that you will choose. It is better to be based in your skills and capabalities so that you can do your job perfectly. You can also use the things that you learn in the past so that you already know and you can use that as a Key in searching a suitable job for you.

  2. Check the Online Job that you choose if it is legit and not scam- in this kind of situation, not all people are doing some good in finding some work. Because searching works to feed their self and their family can also making a fake and wrong doing jobs. So, it can be better if we can aware the job that we choose if it is really legit and we can really earn some money by looking their background and review about it.

In Doing job in this Kind of situation, I can tell that Every works is not easy. All of the works that we experienced and we are working are needed some efforts and Put some Hard work so that we can do our best in earning money and we can help our family esp. our parents in this kind of situation.

In this time that we have a difficult situation in living, we should do everything just to help our family because we are lazy and we cannot do everything, we cannot live and survive. I know that working is not easy so I am also thinking some way to earn money and I am saving some money so that I can help my parents in this difficult situation.

Thank you for reading! I hope that this will helps you a lot. I just share the things and thoughts that I know, you can also add some more ideas and share it in the comments. ;)

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Written by   321
6 months ago
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