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Why Parents cannot let their Child to Play Mobile Games?

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6 months ago

Online Games is very nice to play because of the excitement and enjoyment of playing it in the times that we need a thing to do esp. when we are feeling bored.

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Playing with friends with your favorite online game is very enjoyable because it is very nice when you have some friends that can go with the flow in everything that you like. You can share some memories with them by playing games too and someday, you can talk with your friends in the future about it too.

However, Playing Games is also bad.


Here are some of the Reasons:

  • You will become addicted to It- This is the most thing that you should avoid. Being addicted to Online Games or Mobile games is not healthy because you can't have some time in the most important things to do and while we are talking about time we will proceed to the following:

  1. You will lost your time in Studying- this is also one of the most cause and effect of playing Online/mobile games. Esp. to those kids that it is still students if they will addicted to it, they will lose their control in time of studying and they will ruined their future.

  2. Sleep Deprivation- We all know that lack of sleep is not healthy to us. So when we are being addicted to playing games esp. mobile games, we will sleeping late.

    • Losing weight- not enough sleep and/or lack of sleep can cause losing weight.

    • Pimples- not enough sleep and/or lack of sleep can cause of acne breakout.

  3. Redness of the eyes- if you are playing mobile/online and lack of sleep your eyes in the left or right will be red and it is not good because it can lead to:

    • blurry Vision- having no rest in looking in screen of your phone can make your eyes blur vision. It can also have a chance that it will lead blinding your eyes.

  4. Head ache- if you are lack in sleep in the three or more daytime to night, your Head will be hurt. It is painful that can make you dizzy. Which is not good to our brain because if you are lack of sleep maybe, there will be a time that your brain will stop working and it will lead you to death.

  5. Stress- there's are some times that you will feel depressed because of online games. Losing to the game sometimes will make your expression indifferent like you will make your emotion mad because of losing and if you will feel the lose streak in your game (because there are some mobile/online game that has a 5v5 and rank game) that will lead to stress and feeling stress is not good to us because it will change our behaviour esp. when you will become addicted, and rank, or acchievement of the game will become your priority.

That's the reason why parents are being strict to us regarding about using mobile phones because they will know that we will become addicted not just in social media but in playing games too.

Being addicted to Online/Mobile games will make your life misserable. Because playing cannot help you to your future and plans in your life. Not just your future will destroy because of Online/mobile game but your Health is also ruined.

There are some good opportunity using playing Online/Mobile games:

Playing Online/Mobile Games can also make you popular because you can use your ability or skills in playing to everyone by doing a job like being a Streamer. Nowadays, you can see a lot of players in social media (Youtube and Facebook) that you can watch many live streams by them. Because in this time that you will need some money due to this kind of situation, you can also use your ability or skills in playing online/mobile games. Because you can earn money by doing livestream while playing in the social media sites too.

One of the most Popular live streamer in facebook is Edgar umali or known as a popular ChOox TV .

Screenshot from my Account in Facebook

He became popular by Playing one of the most popular mobile online game, Mobile Legends. By the use of his skills in playing Mobile Legends, he earn a lot of money and supporters. He used to play this Online game for fun because when you watch his videos in his facebook page, you can watch a lot of videos that is funny and making them fun so that he can make his supporter enjoy the every moment of playing. I can tell that playing online game for him is just a hobby or past time because he is not serious by it.

However, because of this. By playing and streaming in facebook, he is helping some people that in need. He is use his 'Stars for a cause' , the funds that will earn by the supporters will be use help the peoples that in need.

So I can tell that playing online games can also has a good opportunity because you can use your skills in playing in good condition.

I didn't tell that it is not good or I will prohibited you to play online/mobile games because I know that there are some people that can also manage their time to play games and time of other important things.

You should remember that playing games is just a hobby but don't consider it as your priority. Like I said, playing games is just a hobby and medicine to your bored time when you can't do anything aside from reading books, listening to music, and so on.

If you will good at balancing your time to studying and for your future, and to Playing online games that if you are also dreaming to become popular in playing online games or becoming streamer you can also do that just don't forget the things that you can't avoid to lose the one of the two ambitions that you would like to achieve.

So, I guess this is the end of my article. I say Hello to those Players of Mobile legends! Don't make the Online game as your priority and just consider that as a Hobby.

Thank you for reading! Hope that this will help you.

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Written by   321
6 months ago
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Depende rin naman sa bata yan, kahit nga minsan pati magulang naaadik din sa mga laro pero kung suportahan nila yung anak nila sometimes edi nabigyan pa nila ng attention yun.

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6 months ago

Technology has its pros and cons. The only thing we have to watch in ourselves and in our kids is balance and self-control, anything that goes beyond is obsession and that's bad.

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6 months ago

Nice articles dear

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6 months ago