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Why do we Really need to Study these Subjects?

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5 months ago

Everyone did do study since parents taught them. By the help of parents to understand their children that they need to study and there are some difficulties at first because younger children didn't know about life because they enjoying being young and they are innocent at beginning. However, when someone will become in middle school, they will realize that studying is important and they will continue it until they already achieve their dreams.

Now, Are you also curious before if why do we need to study those subjects that our Parents and Teachers taught us?

Because I, I did think about thoughts about it. Some questions are If is these subjects are important to life? Why I need to do assignments, activities and projects of these subjects? Why these subjects are always repeat to study? Why do I need to learn these things? And so on.

So by Writing this Article, We will going to answer those questions that I always ask to myself about subjects that we are studying. But before we will answer those questions, we will talk about our subjects in school first.

Book Subjects and their Purpose:

Science and Health Education

Why do we need to study Science?

answer: Because science helps our understanding of the world around us. Everything we know about the universe, from how trees reproduce to what an atom is made up of, is the result of scientific research and experiment. Human progress throughout history has largely rested on advances in science.

It is important to study Science?

Answer: Of Course, we need to study Science, we cannot invented some things that we will need in everyday living, things that can make our works become easy, and know about it if how it will works, if what things do you need to make it, to study if their are some things that you didn't know how to call it and Not just things but also some medicines to our health. Without science, we didn't know how to do if someone is ill, if what to do to cure some illness that we didn't know.


Why do we need to Study Math?

Answer: math helps us to have a better problem-solving skills. It help us helps us think analytically and have better reasoning abilities. Analytical thinking refers to the ability to think critically about the world around us. Analytical and reasoning skills are essential because they help us solve problems and look for solutions.

It is Important to study Math?

Answer: Yes, it is important because without studying it, we didn't know if how to count in our fingers and in books and because it is written everywhere. It is important to study math because we need it in everyday needs.

For example: Your mother was busy and she don't have time to go in supermarket. She need your help to buy the things that needed in your house for foods everyday and she give you a budget money. In buying and paying, you need to calculate the prices of the items that you will buy so that, you know if there are still change or not or if you are good at saving money, you can do a calculation and you will choose some items that are less price. So you know how much money you will spent.

Music and Arts

Why do we need to Study Music and Arts?

Answer: Art and Music Improves Language and Reading Skills

For young children, making arts provides opportunities for language development. Toddlers learn words for colors and shapes as they create art. If you want to encourage language learning, communication, and reading in your kids, art and music are essential.

It is Important to study Music and Arts?

Answer: Yes. We can't live without music and arts in our life. Music is very important because we cannot identify the sounds that we hear without knowing about if what is the sound of that and we cannot also identify things if we didn't know the basic shapes. Arts is also important because it is well connected to colors and things that we always see in our vision. Without Arts, you cannot describe the thing, without learning Music and arts you will not be creative in making sounds, and draw things.

English and other Languages

Why do we need to study English and other languages?

Answer: Actually, It is not really important to study other languages it is just an optional to us if we want to learn or study other country's languages. But we want and needed it because it is very important to learn how to Read, Write, and to Communicate with others.

It is important to Study English and other Languages?

Answer: Yes. Because we cannot talk or communicate to other people if we cannot study and learn other languages. It is needed for better communication. Without studying it, we cannot understand other people. We cannot also read the important things in every places that we go.

Physical Education

Why do we need to study Physical Education?

Answer: Because Physical education explicitly teaches the necessary knowledge and skills for working with and relating to others, and provides the learning opportunities to develop these skills. It enables the development of leadership and teamwork skills and encourages students to transfer knowledge to other learning areas.

It is important to study Physical Education?

Answer: Yes, it is important because we needed to learn how to take care of our self. Because sometimes, Physical Education teach us to know how to balance our diet like what Exercises can we do like doing or playing sports can also make us exercise. Speaking of sports, we can also use our knowledge if we know how to play sports and use it in contests, it is also an achievement and ambitions to become and Athlete.

Technology and Livelihood Education (T.L.E)

Why do we need to study T.L.E?

Answer: Because this subject can teach us in different important and basic chores in our house. In Philippines, students in our country is teaching how to do right Farming and planting because our country esp. in some provinces has a Farms and mountains. It can be use to help their parents in rice fields and planting some vegetables in their farms so that they will be know how to live in the future in a simple life. It can also use in doing businesses when they would like. Not just planting and Farming but T.L.E can also teach us in Computers. Like it is a basic education or being an I.T and we can use it in studying that course in college and not just that, T.L.E can also teach us about Things in the kitchen that neede to cook and it will teach us how to cook , and this is related to the course of H.R.M.

That's why T.L.E is Technology and Livelihood Education because it is a study of Technology and studying in Living that teaching us to do some basic things that needed in the house.

It is important to study T.L.E ?

Answer: Yes. Because T.L.E can be useful to other things. Not just somewhere but it is helpful to young people to help their parents in their houses and this subject can also have a chances. Studying FBS in Tesda if you can't afford studying college and it is can be use in working if you don't have a work. Like Working in the Restaurants and hotels.

We have some many different and Kind of subjects however, it is also all well connected in this subjects that I mentioned above so I don't need to mentioned them all because it is also relatable in all of that subjects.

Now, can We answer the questions that i mentioned in the top?

Questions and Answers:

  1. If these subjects are Important in our Life?

Answer: Yes. It is Important to learn all of these because we needed it. Even if you say that you don't needed it, why do I need to study this? in the future, you will understand if why. Because all of these ate needed in to our life living. It can be really uselful for us to study it because if we don't, we will regreted it in the future.

Don't be just like me, because I choose to study in Grade 12 a General academic strand than Technology, Vacational and Livelihood Education Strand and After 2 years I study TESDA with my sister and we study about lessons that can be learned in T.V.L which is why I regreted to not choose that course in Senior High School however, it is okay because I study the both different courses that can be useful for me in the future.

  1. Why do we need to do activities and assignments of these subjects?

Answer: Because doing assignments and activities can make us learned by using our own knowledge. Activities and assignments can make us learn what we know about some things what they teach to us. Because sometimes, not just in studying with our teacher and discussion by our teacher in our school can make us learned. We can also make our self learned by the things that we know and this can help us to have out our knowledge.

In after assignments and activities, you will realize that, that is why they teach us the lesson because all of the teachers lessons that they give to us is have a hidden meanings and clues. That's why I like doing activities because our teacher was giving some hints that will connected in the lesson.

  1. Why all of these subjects are always repeated to study?

Answer: It is not repeated. It is an Levels of studying like they are slowly teaching us from basics to hardest lessons.

For example: Grade 1-3 Math lessons will teach about and how Plus (+), Minus (-), divide, Multiply (x) and in Grade 4 you will study about fractions and when you will in the High School you will study the geometry and it is the start of hardest lessons in Math.

When you will realized that all of these subjects that have Mathematics are connected.

Same with the other subjects, maybe we will learned it again and again however it is because it is connected to the lessons and we cannot learned another lessons without the learning of the previous lessons.

  1. Why Do we need to learn all of these things?

Answer: Because without learning these things, we don't know anything. It is connected in our life living. We cannot do the things that we do in this world without learning it. We will be clueless if we didn't learn and know about the important things. Imagine yourself if we didn't have those subjects, maybe we:

  • Can't understand our self and others

  • Didn't understand the life living, and

  • we Don't understand the world that we belong.

A subject without learning other subject cannot be understandable. Every subjects that we study has a connected.

For example: We need Math to calculate one of the lesson in the subject, Science. Because we also study Science with Mathematics.

Another one is we cannot read the other subject without learning English and other Languages.

Of course about Grades and Points, it is just a number. It is not a Basis of being genius or stupid the important thing is you study well and learned. You know how to live and achieve the dreams using what you learned.

And that's all for today's topic. Thank you for Reading! You can visit my Account because I write some Interesting articles and I would like to know everyone that will read this, that this is not copied and it I write this in my own.

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Written by   321
5 months ago
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Really we need to study in this. Everybody can choose according to their knowledge.

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5 months ago

Wow...wonderful and great write up

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5 months ago

Right, should be focused on what would benefit on our everyday lives and how it can be more productive as we have knowledge about it.

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5 months ago

The more we read, the more we can increase our knowledge. So there is no alternative to studies. It is an ongoing process from birth to death.

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5 months ago