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Why We Need 'Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc'?

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5 months ago
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Bleach anime ended in March 2012. It was after they defeated Aizen and Ichigo have lost his powers. Most of us think it was the end of the legendary series. But Tite Kubo wants to give us the proper ending that we want. And that's where he created the final arc entitled "Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War". As a person who recently finished rewatching Bleach, all I can say is Bleach need to have a final season.

For those who don't know what happened at the end of this series, I will summarise it. Just beware of the spoilers.

After Ichigo and his friends defeated Aizen and his group, he was captured and sealed in the prison of Soul Society. Meanwhile, Ichigo paid the price of obtaining power that rivals Aizen with his Hogyoku. He has lost his Shinigami powers and lives as a normal human being for the next 17 months. For me, it was not a bad ending knowing that Ichigo did a lot of things that he should not be involved in in the first place. But I guess Kubo knows that the story is incomplete. There are more that we need to know.

Ichigo met a group called Xcution and offered him to restore his lost powers. Ichigo is frustrated for being weak and unable to protect his friends and family no wonder he took the offer. That's where he learned about the power called Fullbringer. It's a power mostly humans can use by controlling the souls of other things. Ichigo did a great job, but as expected, he was betrayed in the end. Ichigo almost lost hope at this part because he thought he would remain powerless until the end. But with the help of Rukia and the people of soul society, they managed to restore the shinigami powers of Ichigo. It only shows that the series is not ending, and the real war is about to begin.

Why Bleach Need " The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc"?

What Happened to Hueco Mundo?

After the arc in Hueco Mundo, it's not clear what happened after the Espadas were defeated. I'm sure there are survivors, but who took place as the next leader? Rumours said that Tier Harribel has survived and now is the new leader of Hueco Mundo. But since I didn't read the manga (yet), I can't confirm that. Yammy also survived, but I don't know what happened to him. Most likely, he will support Tier as a new leader. And, of course, Nel and her goofy comrades. I love them since the start of the Hueco Mundo arc, but after their fight with Nnoitra, they just disappeared. I don't know what happened to them, but I'm sure they're alive, and I can't wait to see them again.

More Zanpakuto and Hidden Powers Should Be Revealed

I can't blame them for this since Bleach has a lot of characters. And their time is also limited (thanks to the 25% filler). So it is not surprising that there are characters who didn't reveal their full potential yet. The best example of this is Kenpachi Zaraki. Did you know that in all of his fights in anime, he is only using his raw strength? Yes, for some reason, he can't activate his Zanpakuto (or rather, he didn't want you). It's crazy because he is already OP, so it's exciting to see what kind of power he is hiding. Ikkaku and Renji is also an interesting character we need to pay attention. They are the only Vice-Captain who can use Bankai. And, of course, the growth of Ichigo's friends and the fighters of Soul Society.

Who Will Be The Official Couple

Who will be the official romantic pair for Ichigo? Some fans pair him with Rukia, and some are in favour of Orihime. Of course, the official ships were already revealed in the manga, but if we based it on anime only, you could see their differences in a relationship. Inoue has feelings for Ichigo, and it was proven when Ulquiorra abducted her to Hueco Mundo. At the same time, Rukia acts like the sister of Ichigo. I didn't see her having a romantic feeling for Ichigo, but it sure wasn't apparent because they were so close. The result is satisfying, and I can't object to that because it was perfect. One of the most wholesome ending couples, just like Hinata and Naruto.

More Awesome Fights

Bleach has one of the best fights during their time, but because of long-fillers, it gets boring. Now that it already has complete source material, we can expect fewer (or none at all) filler episodes in the new season. It will be more interesting because we can see how far can Ichigo reach with his power.

This content is my last "Rewatch Bleach" article. Overall I still like it even though the fillers are so irritating. I still like how the story works, and the concept of Soul Reapers and Hollow is very cool. It would be an excellent opportunity to have an anime adaptation of the final arc. Bleach will forever be one of the foundations of Shounen anime.

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Written by   165
5 months ago
Topics: Anime
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