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What I Noticed After I Rewatch Bleach Part 3 (Arrancar Arc: Power Levels of Hueco Mundo)

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6 months ago
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Arrancar is the longest and the main arc of Bleach Anime. It is right after Bount Arc, which I believe unnecessary since it has only a little involvement in the story right after that. And because of its long story, you may be confused by what terms they are using especially in Hueco Mundo.

Hueco Mundo is a Spanish term for "Hollow World". And as its name implies in the anime, it is a place where Hollow, Menos and Arrancar resides. But because of these 3 different classes, how are they ranked in Hueco Mundo based on their powers?


Hollow are creatures born from the soul of humans. When a human dies but didn't make it through Soul Society, they remain on earth and their soul becomes corrupted. A hole will form in their heart and they started to develop a mask. Hollows are awful creatures that devour both living and not living souls.


Next to hollow, there are classes called Menos. They are giant hollow and of course stronger. The weakest subspecies of Menos will take a large group of shinigami to be taken down. Don't worry though because they are rare to be seen cause most of them only resides in Hueco Mundo. There is 3 subclass of this mysterious creature.

  • Gillian

They are also called "Menos Grande" and the weakest group among Menos. But despite being the weakest, Gillian is still hollow not taken lightly. They can shoot "Cero". A destructive beam only a menos and above rank can use. Gillian is born from a hollow that devours a large amount of its fellow hollow.

  • Adjuchas

When a Gillian devours its other Gillian, they may evolve into a much stronger species called Adjuchas. This is a stage where they are afraid of reverting into Gillian, that's why they still consume hollows or even adjuchas. Adjuchas have strange perks, and that is by controlling Gillian. That's why Adjuchas from Menos Forest is very troublesome.

  • Vasto Lorde

This is the final evolution of Hollow. It is a very rare class of Menos because it is believed that that only hollow that are born with a trait of evolving into Vasto Lorde will become one. So no matter how many hollows, adjuchas or gillian they devour it is still impossible for them to become vasto lorde if they are not born to become one.


Arrancar is a class of hollow that gain Shinigami powers by tearing off their mask. They can occur naturally but it's very rare (even rare than being a Vasto Lorde). But with Aizen's Hogyoku, he can force this process unnaturally. That's why their numbers in anime are very large.


When an Arrancar was born from Aizen hands, they are given numbers. Two digits number started from 11 was given to them. They are not strong compared to the top 10. That's why their numbers didn't define their strength.


They are the Numeros being handpicked by the Espada to be their subordinate. Their strength was acknowledged that's why we can consider them as the strongest Numeros.

Privaron Espada

Before Espada Class, there is what we call Privaron Espada. They are an Espada that lost their ranks and given a 3 digits number. Despite falling with their ranks, they are still strong. A single Provaron Espada can be as strong as a Captain and way stronger than Numeros and Fraccion.


And finally Espada. Espada is the 10 strongest Arrancar. Unlike Numeros, their strength was ranked according to their number. The Top 4 of them are once Vasto Lorde that evolved into an Arrancar. They have the authority to command Numeros and their Fraccion. Sometimes even their fellow Espada.

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What I Noticed in This Arc

Ulquiorra is Just Number 4

I used to believe that Ulquiorra is the strongest Espada. His looks are the coolest among them and his fights against Ichigo is so Iconic. That's why I didn't notice back then that he is just number 4. Well, it all makes sense now but he and Grimmjow are still my favourites.

Why Most of Ichigo's Friends are Always Got Kidnapped?

This is funny and also annoying. First Rukia was taken away from him, then Uryu becomes the target of Bounts and now Inoue was taken by Arrancar. I don't know why but maybe Kubo sensei love fairytales especially when a princess was saved by a prince. Lol.

The Music and Sound Director of Bleach is a Genius

Bleach has a unique and distinct soundtrack. They change the background music in almost every arc and put music that suits the scene very well. In Bount Arc they use Citadel of the Bount as an OST and it was really good. It sounds very similar to old vampire movies. And in this arc, they use an OST called Clavar la Espada. It was genius because it blends well with the vibes of the Espadas. It sounds Spanish and it fits perfectly because they use Spanish references in this arc.

The Arrancar arc is very long so I decided to divide it into different parts. It is so that I can share every detail that I noticed in this anime that I once overlooked. So far I'm enjoying this arc but the very long-fillers every season is killing me. But rest assured, I will make a proper guide on how to watch bleach properly and avoid these stupidly unnecessary fillers.

Part 1

Part 2

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Written by   165
6 months ago
Topics: Anime
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