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Two months of read.cash

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3 months ago

December 18th would mark exactly two months since the first line of code for read.cash was written.

What have we achieved?

Not much.


That'd be the end of this article.

Thank you for staying with us!


Need more?


Let's see...

We're still tiny, but we're bigger than we were one month ago.

I love this comparison image... Though it's not accurate anymore, we're a few pixels bigger!

Take that website with SimilarWeb rating #2,082,458! Ha-ha! Also, Austria?... 🤷‍♂️ I thought Bitcoin Cash was big in Australia? Is that the same thing? Be right back, checking the CNN.... Yep, same thing, whew!

We're definitely bigger than zero, which is what we originally expected from read.cash.

So, let's compare some stats to what we've published one month ago.

Users and articles

290 registered users (vs 68 users one month ago)

1484 on-chain Bitcoin Cash upvotes totaling $ 918.90 (impressive!)
(One month ago: 260 upvotes given totaling $ 115.08)

Total number of upvotes and total amount in USD equivalent

We now represent the proud 0.1% of all transactions on Bitcoin Cash blockchain!

Again, we were expecting near-zero growth for years, so this is a nice surprise.

If you squint hard enough - it seems to be curving upwards.... Just a little bit...

Where's it headed?

Oh, ToTheMoonGuy, where are you now? What are you waving at nowadays?

At the moment our users have about $524 (total) in online wallets. Didn't we tell you not to keep more than $5-10 there, because we're experimental and small and contain bugs?!.. Yeah, yeah, I'm looking at you!

One month ago we've had 77 published articles, now we have 683 articles

Total number of articles
How many articles are published daily

Also, people seem to like subscribing to stuff. Goes up and up... and up.

Affiliate program

The affiliate program is growing slowly, but steadily. Our marketing department (aka "our affiliates") reached 12 users. No longer a two-pizza team!

Hopefully, as more and more people (and maybe cats) discover the affiliate program this number will reach much higher levels.

What? Cats are cute! And smart! You can't say no to a cat! An ideal affiliate!

Did they earn much? Again, not much - closing in to $20 total.

Total affiliate income of all affiliates

We have reasons to be hopeful, because more and more people are creating links, potentially becoming paid affiliates. Here are some stats on affiliate links generated:


Sponsorship program initially plateaued (got flat), but slowly people are discovering that you can have your ads on read.cash users' articles for as low as $0.01/month. We'll see where it goes from here.

Still, long-long way to go.


Did the authors earn something? Yep, not enough to make a living, but much better than previously. Here's a chart of maximum earned per single article on any given day:

Top article earned upwards of $50 for the article and there were quite a few breaking above $20.

How much did the authors make in two months?

Top author: $109.28
Author #2: $96.25
Author #3: $60.06
Author #4: $40.62

Enough to make living? No. Unless Bitcoin Cash suddenly starts exploding to $10'000/BCH.

I mean all those authors made BCH, so if it grows in price - they become richer.

Let's check the charts to see how they're doing!

At least our charts are mostly upwards! Take that Bitcoin Cash chart! Oh wait..

Ok, I'll use some advanced technical analysis to predict with 125% certainty where it would go in the near future.

Seems to be within the usual technical analysis error range...

Our size

After we've published our comparison article to other sites, we've updated our methodology and our current estimates are as follows:

Compared to read.cash:
honest.cast is 4 times bigger (previously: 21 times)
yours.org is 20 times bigger (previously: 237 times)
publish0x.com is 61 times bigger (previously: 534 times)
steemit.com is 9 000 times bigger (previously: 35 000 times)
medium.com is 115 000 times bigger (previously: 229 000 times)

We expect to take over Medium.com in size in the next 5'000 to 10'000 years if it stops growing immediately. We demand it stops now! We're not unreasonable, it's not like we're asking Medium to start shrinking.

Notable names

So, we've had some Bitcoin Cash celebrities posting with us this month: Naomi Brockwell, deadalnix (Amaury Séchet), pokkst, pein, AkaneYokoo.


Right now we're concentrated mostly on the "communities" idea. Though, by now, it would be reasonable to call it "an obsession", not "an idea".

This feature turned out to be much harder than we originally expected and has gone through a few failed iterations already. But, each failed attempt is just another step towards finally making it happen.

Presently, read.cash is too much of everything - you have things from cars to poetry, a lot of crypto news, trading and Bitcoin Cash discussions, HEX, but also fiction, travel, life stories...

Communities... however small...

Many people aren't that interested in all of these (especially if we continue to grow), so we need to be able to create nice cozy little places where the poets could discuss their poetry near the fireplace, without having to learn what exactly HEX is and why it's considered a scam by some totally wrong people.

At the same time, we, as Bitcoin Cash fans, want to have our own quiet place, where we could read about Bitcoin Cash, without news about EOS and HEX

Hey, Mike! Did we get that check to blog about HEX? What do you mean "no"? Did you check the mail? The Internet said they paid everyone? No? Oh crap... now I'll have to remove it from the whole article... Yeah, "sorry" doesn't help it, Mike!


Our huge thank you goes to everyone who wrote articles and another huge thanks goes to the people who have upvoted other people! You are awesome!

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$ 0.76 from @Donald.Duck
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3 months ago
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1 month ago


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1 month ago

Congratulations on 2 months of successful program. You done a lot!

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3 months ago

Thank you!

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3 months ago

Keep it going team. I plan on retiring and having the title "read.cash contributor" in 5 years.

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3 months ago

I bet you could win the MYTHBUSTER xmas writing competition.

There are very few contestants right now to win that 1BCH first place prize. It will boost whoever wins it right to the top of current earnings, I assume.


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3 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion. I couldn't tell which myths were already taken. If I can find one I think I'm able to write, I take a crack at it.

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3 months ago

The way to tell which ones have not been taken, is to look at the ones which are NOT hyperlinked in the roadmap, since I try to update the links once a new article is recognized.


If you spot some myth articles people have written but I forgot to link, that's some MYTHBUSTER's earned for you right there!

There is nothing to stop you from writing on a myth topic someone else has already written on. You can take a different approach, or simply try to improve it. For example, the current "POW is inefficient" article by AlanOne would need major improvement, but he's not responded to my feedback at all.

Of course you can also write on a myth topic that's not in the list, as long as its in the general theme of small-blocker myths about Bitcoin.

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3 months ago

Got it. Will definitely give it a try.

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3 months ago

That'll take some crazy typing, better start now :) Thanks!

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3 months ago

Let's check the charts to see how they're doing!

You jinxed it!

Other than that keep up the nice work.

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3 months ago

You jinxed it!

Sorry 🤷‍♂️ 😅

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3 months ago
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