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Why I won't be using Hex

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2 years ago

This week, Richard Heart's project "HEX". Former HEX developer Kieran Mesquita left the project last December, citing some red flags, and saying it had pivoted from something he was proud to work on to something very different from what it started as.

I chatted with Kieran about his concerns, and appreciated his unique insight as someone with in depth knowledge of the project who actually worked on it.

39:11 Richard Heart crashed the chat, so I invited him on the show to join us. He ended up joining right at the end, so I gave him 5 mins to have the final word. He was asked if he wanted to rebut anything Kieran had said, and to my surprise he said he agreed with it all.

I will leave it up to the audience to make up their own mind about the project!

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