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Free Stuff for the Taking!

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9 months ago

There's no such thing as free money (somebody has to pay for handouts), but there is such a thing as free books, videos and more.

As an avid reader and writer I am ever on the lookout for resources and interesting storylines in books for inspiration or for pleasure reading. The best writers are also the best readers. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. One does not simply write well without a lot of knowledge and/or life experience.

Here are some valid resources for anyone to get freebies galore. The choices are virtually limitless. You can thank me later. :)

Project Gutenberg

Love to read eBooks? You can download them from this site (link below) absolutely free. As of today's writing, Project Gutenberg has in excess of 60,000 free books you may download or read online. They are available in Kindle, PDF and EPUB (but other formats are available).

Audio files are also available.

The only downside to the website is the smaller amount of available books, compared to the one below.

PDF Drive

This is one of my favorite places to download books. I typically read 2-3 books a week, and PDF Drive has a true inexhaustible supply. The website has every topic imaginable. I. Kid. Thee. Not.

Imagine a place in the cloud that stores about 81 million books! And all are free! From aardvarks to algebra, from philosophy to religion, from fiction to non-fiction, everything under the sun may be found on the website.

Okay, not everything. Freshly printed books take a few months or more to make their way to the website. And if you cannot find what you are looking for, you can make a request and the community will likely find and upload it, then notify you. Of course, you can also upload books of your own.

Pro Tip: Use your email only if you want to upload a book or make a book request. Otherwise, there is no need to sign up or provide your email. Incognito, baby! You can also use your smartphone. Guys and gals, you cannot beat free books. Well, free food beats it, I suppose. :)

Oh, and for those who are looking to sharpen their writing skills, man alive, there are tons of free books! Novels? Short stories? Screenplays? Plays? Poetry? It's all there, my friends. There are also books on writing that reveal how to get published as a writer or publish your own book. Grammar books also abound.

Internet Archive (aka The Wayback Machine)

This website is pretty cool, too. You do have to sign up but it is 100% free. Everything from archaic sources, books and recent videos are stored on the site.

Additionally, those expensive textbooks for university may be found there. Big bucks savings! Ka-ching!

I remain completely amazed at what has been stored on the Internet Archive. Personal diaries are pretty cool to read at times, but I prefer the older material that no other website provides for free.

Are you on #Twitter? I use to be, until the owner (ahem) went too far to the left for my tastes. Anyway, those deleted tweets from prominent blue checkmark folks and other interesting/revealing tweets are routinely scrubbed from the Internet and may be found there. Yeah, so you might want to think things through before you tweet something out in anger or whatever.

The one drawback, which isn't really a big deal for me. is that some books cannot be downloaded. However, they may be borrowed for 14 days at a time.

Also, if you have a physical disability, you have access to material not provided to everyone else.

Check out these links and enjoy the ride. Even formerly banned books are available, as well as recently banned books.

One of these days I'll post an article where you can freebie material goods delivered to your home. Until next time, happy downloading and reading!

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Written by   40
9 months ago
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Thanks for all of those links!

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9 months ago

You're most welcome. I am on PDF Drive almost daily and find it to be the best of the three. Good book hunting!

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9 months ago