Vital Signs

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They are measurements of the most basic functions of the body, that is, the signs or manifestations of life that a living human being presents. The vital signs are:

  • Breathing.

Respiration is the man can be visualized in the abdomen and in the woman in the thorax. Bring your ear close to the injured person's nose to hear and feel their breath. Bring the back of your hand to your nose to feel your breath.

Normal respiration figures are:

  • Pulse.

    It is the rhythmic expansion of an artery, produced by the passage of blood pumped through the heart. The pulse is monitored to determine how well the heart is working.


    Feel the artery with your index, middle, and ring fingers. Do not feel with your thumb, because the pulse of this finger is more noticeable and confuses yours.


  • Temperature.

    Fever is an important part of the body's defense against infection. . Most bacteria and viruses that cause infections in humans thrive best at 98.6 degrees F (37 degrees C), and raising your body temperature by a few degrees can help the body fight the infection.

Blood pressure.

It is the force with which the heart expels blood into the arteries.

Techniques for taking blood pressure.

  • Instruct the patient to rest, either lying down or sitting. Help you place your arm resting on your bed or table in a supine position.

  • Repeat the procedure to confirm the values obtained or to clarify doubts.

  • Make the corresponding annotations on the registration sheet

Normal blood pressure values


  • Pupillary reflex.

Normally the pupils contract when stimulated by light. If both pupils are larger than normal (dilated), the injury or illness may indicate shock, severe bleeding, heat exhaustion, or drugs.

Way to take the pupillary reflex

  • If you have a small lamp, shine the beam of light into the eye and observe how the pupil contracts.

  • If there is no constriction of one or both pupils, there could be serious neurological damage.

important content, to take into account when these types of events may arise, or any emergency, accident and incident, you can save a life.


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